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A maximally minimal string formatting library. Use it to make your code more readable compared to plain old string concatenation using +. The code is shorter than the MIT license text so it doesn't hog you down and you can use it everywhere. Works in node and browsers.


var fmt = require("simple-fmt");
console.log(fmt("hello {0} of age {1}", name, age));

instead of

console.log("hello " + name + " of age " + age);

because string formatting with + makes your eyes bleed and fingers hurt.

There's also fmt.obj(string, obj) and fmt.repeat(string, n):

var o = {name: "xyz", age: 42};
fmt.obj("hello {name} of age {age}", obj);
fmt.repeat("*", 3); // "***" 

That's it.



Install using npm

npm install simple-fmt
var fmt = require("simple-fmt");


Clone the repo and include it in a script tag

git clone
<script src="simple-fmt/simple-fmt.js"></script>