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    Simple cookie banner

    If you need a simple way to add customizeable cookie banner which is GDPR friendly, then use this plugin. There is a lot of different tools which can generate it into your site by adding a <script>, but this will add thirdparty scripts into your site, and can therefor be hard to customize and listen to.

    Here is an example of how it looks like out of the box: Cookie banner example

    And here is the cookie corner which will be visible when the user has saved the settings they need. Cookie banner saved example


    Run the code below into the root of the project:

    npm install simple-cookie-banner
    // or
    yarn add simple-cookie-banner

    When its installed then add it to a index.js or main.js file, so its executed when loading the app: main.js

    import CookieSettings from "simple-cookie-banner";
    const cookieSettings = CookieSettings({
        // Insert settings here

    If you want some default css, then add the following @import into your css file:

    @import "~simple-cookie-banner/cookie-settings.css";

    Then build the script with npm run dev or yarn dev or what ever you use, and then you should see the cookie banner.


    There is a number of different settings for the cookie banner. Here is a list of them:

    Key Description Default
    type Choose basic if you don't want to show the points or else choose simple if you want to show it. basic
    structure Object which contains namings of classNames and id's
    structure.appId id of the wrapper element. cookie-settings
    structure.innerWrapperClass Classname of inner div of the wrapper. cookie-settings__inner
    content.* Object which contains all text related strings.
    content.title Title in the cookie banner This website uses cookies
    content.description The description right below the title in the cookie banner We use cookies to personalize our content and ads, to show you social media features and to analyze our traffic. We also share information about your use of our website with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. Our partners may combine this data with other information that you have provided to them or that they have collected from your use of their services.
    content.showDetail Show button text Show details
    content.readmoreAboutPolicy Insert read more about policy text. Read more about our cookie policy here:
    content.readmoreAboutPolicyText Policy link text. Cookie policy
    content.closeDetail Close button text Close details
    content.corner SVG or HTML which renders the corner right corner for users already saved cookie settings SVG of cookie
    points Array of different cookie categories.
    points.*.label Label shown beside the checkbox
    points.*.key Key saved in the cookie if the checkbox is checked
    points.*.value Default value for the given point
    points.*.content Description about the given cookie category shown in the detail area.
    events All the event hooks. Every key should have a function as value
    events.onSubmit This function will be executed on submittion of the cookie banner. As first argument you will get the selected points null
    events.onChecked This function will be executed when checking a point in the cookie banner. Argument 0 is the point object, argument 1 is a checked boolean null
    events.onDetailToggle This function will be executed when show/hide the detail area in the cookie banner. Argument 0 is boolean open. null
    events.onDetailItem This function will be executed when switching around the detail sidebar. Argument 0 is index of the point active. null
    events.onCornerClicked This function will be executed when clicking the corner button. null
    events.onCornerLoad This function will be executed when the corner button is loaded. null
    events.onLoad This function will be executed when the cookie banner is loaded. null
    policyLink Insert the link to the policy page false
    delay ms. to wait until showing the cookie banner 300
    cookieDays How many days should the cookie be saved with the settings? 365
    cookieName The name of the cookie banner settings cookie. cookie-settings
    cookieDomain The domain of the cookie with the settings. false
    useCorner If we need a way to open the modal again, then you can use the corner icon. false
    buttons Is the array of CTA's in the banner, you can also add custom buttons. array

    Cookie settings change

    If you want to change the settings yourself, then you can change it by using the object functions returned when initiating the CookieSettings() method. It will return the following functions:

        // Open the cookie banner
        open: function(){},
        // Close the cookie banner
        close: function(){},
        // Get the current settings (false: not chosen yet, 1: if basic then accepted, 0: if basic then declined, array: if simple then array of the selected options)
        getSettings: function(){},
        // Save settings by selected point keys in array.
        saveSettings: function (selectedPointKeys = []),
        // Save setting by key and isChecked value.
        saveSetting: function(pointKey, isChecked = false)

    You can use the cookieSettings.saveSettings(selectedPointKeys) function to update all the user cookie settings. You can also update only 1 setting with the cookieSettings.saveSetting(pointKey, isChecked = false).

    Cookie buttons

    Here is an example of how you can use the buttons array:

        {type: 'decline', label: 'No thanks'},
        {type: 'submit', label: 'Ok'},

    Here is the types of buttons:

    • decline will decline all the points.
    • submit will accept only the selected points.
    • accept-all will accept all points
    • custom will need a new parameter onClick which is the function it will execute on click.


    npm i simple-cookie-banner

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