really easy to use config object, extends with underscore


easy to use config object for your node.js app

Step 1) npm install git+ --save

Step 2) view /examples/ (or copy and paste to your app)

Step 3) require the folder inside your app somewhere and console.log

simple-conf is set to look for a couple environment vars by default, although, if you don't want to set these it will set some defaults instead..

  • process.env.NODE_PASS, this will set your initial seed admin password and keep this sensitive stuff out of your repo. defaults to: superSecretPassWordDawgz1!2@

  • process.env.MONGO_DB_STRING, this will link up your mongodb url, good for production and public repos

  • I don't want to set these up! Oh, that's cool too -- it's not going to break, it's just there to help.

I've included a couple helpers that I use on my apps and find helpful -- maybe you will too?

extended - requires req good for middleware, or schema stuff that has access to req, adds:

  • ip = req.headers["x-forwarded-for"] or req.connection.remoteAddress
  • user = if req.user? then req.user.username else "anonymous"
  • engine = req.protocol + "://" + req.get('host')

folders - requires path & function (err, path)

  • adds folders easily so you don't have to deal with .placeholder files and whatnot

colors - no requirements

  • red outputs red font color to stdout
  • cyan outputs cyan font color to stdout
  • reset resets font color to stdout
Config = require ".."
fs = require "fs"
path = require "path"
env = process.env.NODE_ENV
port = if env == "production" then process.env.port else 3000
host = if env == "development" then "http://localhost:#{port}" 
production = env == "production"
development = env == "development"
config =
      username: "dhigginbotham"
      username: "dhz"
    title: "example-app"
    initials: "xpl"
    port: port
    host: host
    serverStart: "Starting up your express engines"
      uploads: path.join __dirname"..""public""uploads"
      views: path.join __dirname"..""views"
      assets: path.join __dirname"..""public"
    init: if production == true then false else true
    mongo: if production == true then false else false
conf = new Config config
if conf.debug.config == true then console.log conf
module.exports = conf

note - defaults are now optional, ex: new Config object, false renders a more modular config for mountable apps.

  @app = {}
  @app.title = "Default-config-build"
  @app.initials = "dcb"
  @app.port = process.env.port || 3000 = "http://localhost#{@app.port}"
  @app.serverStart = "Starting express server "
  @db = {}
  @db.path = "#{@app.initials}"
  @db.url = process.env.MONGO_DB_STRING || "mongodb://localhost/#{@db.path}"
  @sesh = {}
  @sesh.key = "#{@app.initials}.id"
  @sesh.secret = _secret
  @sesh.maxAge = 60 * 60 * 1000
  @seed = {}
  @seed.init = false
  @seed.folders = true
  @users = {}
  @users.roles = ['user''admin''editor''commenter']
  @users.signupEnabled = true
  @debug = {}
  @debug.override = false
  if opts? then _.extend @opts
  if @seed.init == true
    @seed.user = {}
    @seed.user.username = "admin"
    @seed.user.password = "@dminPassw0rd"
    @seed.user.admin = true
    @seed.user.role = "admin" = ""
    @seed.user.ip = "admin.ipv6"
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