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Simple AWS

Amazon have released an official aws-sdk module for Node.JS - this is fantastic! However, interfacing with it is very verbose. This module is an attempt to wrap the AWS library up in very thin wrapper functions to make it easier to interface with.


UNSTABLE: Haven't even implemented a test suite yet - please do feel free to jump in and submit one!


var simpleAWS = require('simple-aws');
var ddb = new simpleAWS.DynamoDB();
ddb.getItem(tableName, hashValue, function(err, res, item){});

All methods of ddb are simple wrappers around AWS' official methods, helping to protect against misspelled object keys/etc. It uses type inference to figure out your intention, so ensure passed arguments are of the correct type!

Dynamic argument lists are parsed using the very simple [dynargs][] library.

Supported APIs

  • DynamoDB - 9 methods supported
  • SQS - 5 methods supported
  • SES - 1 methods supported


The wrapper functions are very simple (and hopefully consistent), so if an API you need is missing feel free to implement it yourself and submit a pull request.

There's no test suite yet - if you fancy making one that would be much appreciated!


MIT license