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Quick Start

This package is a quick-start for using Silhouette; it comes equipped with rxjs, redux, and some redux enhancers out of the box. Because of its 'batteries included' package, it is less configurable and significantly larger in bundle size than silhouette-core. Silhouette-core is the recommended way to use silhouette in production.

For now, a slap-dash demo project for silhouette can be found here.


Installation is as expected using npm:

> npm install --save silhouette

Silhouette exports only a create method, which accepts an optional list of plugins for arguments.

import { create } from 'silhouette'
let sil = create();

The created silhouette instance behaves according to documentation here:


Features of the quick-start not found in silhouette-core by default.

  • Built in RXJS observables
  • Built in redux store
  • Built in support for redux devtools extentions
  • Built in action logger