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    Cron like scheduler for SignalK. It can execute shell commands and SignalK puts at a prescribed time and day(s). Yes these things can be done using other tools like cron and Node-Red and those are great tools. I wanted something easy to use with little learning curve and right there in the same UI I do everything else. This also has the added benefit of email integration.

    Time Schedule Options

    You may specify the day(s) of week along with a static time or time based on an event such as sunrise or sunset, You can select any SK Path that will return a Date value. Examples are the environment.sunlight.times.* that are provided by the derived data plugin.

    Example Ideas

    Shell Commands

    • Backups
    • Log rotation
    • Email disk usage reports (df -h)
    • Daily status report...

    SignalK Put

    • Turn a NMEA2000 switch off or on
      • Turn on the anchor light at night, turn it off in the morning...
      • Turn on salon lights of an evening so the boat is lit when you get back...
    • ???

    SignalK Puts

    • Similar to the put, but this allows multiple actions per job.

    SignalK Backups

    • Creates a SignalK backup at the scheduled time.
    • Optional: Include plugins to allow for offline restore.
    • Optional: Cleanup old backup files by specifying the number of backups to keep.

    I'd love to hear other ideas for implementation and will accept pull requests if you would like to add your own.


    Get a list of all jobs

    GET /jobs

    Create a new job

    POST /jobs/create

    The body is the same json that is stored in .signalk/plugin-config-data/signalk-scheduler.json Example:

          "name": "Test2",
          "time": "08:00",
          "days": [
          "commandType": "Shell",
          "command": "df -h",
          "enabled": true,
          "sendEmail": true,
          "toEmail": ""

    Get details of a job

    GET /jobs/{job_name}

    Delete a job

    DELETE /jobs/{job_name}

    Start the job schedule

    PUT /jobs/{job_name}/start

    Stop the job schedule

    PUT /jobs/{job_name}/stop


    npm i signalk-scheduler

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