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Signal K PostgSail plugin

PostgSail effortlessly logs your voyages, automatically capturing your trips, moorages, dockings and anchorages with no additional need to stop/start anything. Built for sailors, motorboats and commercial uses.

Send, monitor, alert, observe all numeric values & positions & status to a self-hosted or cloud instances of PostgSail (PostgreSQL, Grafana).


Signal K server plugin to send all self SignalK numeric data and nagivation entry to a PostgSail server.


  • Automatically log your voyages without manually starting or stopping a trip.
  • Automatically capture the details of your voyages (boat speed, heading, wind speed, etc).
  • Timelapse video your trips!
  • Add custom notes to your logs.
  • Export to CSV, GPX, GeoJSON, KML and download your logs.
  • Aggregate your trip statistics: Longest voyage, time spent at anchorages, home ports etc.
  • See your moorages on a global map, with incoming and outgoing voyages from each trip.
  • Monitor your boat (position, depth, wind, temperature, battery charge status, etc.) remotely with history.
  • Notification via email or PushOver.
  • Notification and monitor your boat via Telegram bot.
  • Offline mode.
  • Low Bandwith mode.
  • Awesome statistics and graphs.
  • Compatibles with Victron Cerbo GX monitoring devices as well as other Victron GX series.
  • Compatibles Raspberry Pi.

Optional dependencies

signalk-autostate by @meri-imperiumi. Used to determine the vessel's state based on sensor values, and updates the navigation.state value accordingly.

The signalk-derived-data and signalk-path-mapper plugins are both useful to remap available data to the required canonical paths.

Source data

The following SignalK paths are used by PostgSail to generate logbook and monitoring. SignalK Keys Reference (Vessel)

SignalK path Timeline name Notes
navigation.courseOverGroundTrue Course
navigation.headingTrue Heading
navigation.speedOverGround Speed
environment.wind.directionTrue Wind
environment.wind.speedOverGround Wind
environment.*.pressure Baro Pressure in zone
environment.*.temperature Temp
environment.*.relativeHumidity Ratio
environment.water.swell.state Sea
navigation.position Coordinates
navigation.log Log If present, used to calculate distance
propulsion.*.runTime Engine If present, used to calculate engine hour usage
steering.autopilot.state Autopilot changes are logged.
navigation.state If present, used to start and stop automated hourly entries. Changes are logged.
propulsion.*.state Propulsion changes are logged.
electrical.batteries.*.voltage Voltage measured
electrical.batteries.*.stateOfCharge ratio State of charge, 1 = 100%* Solar measured
tanks.*.currentLevel Level of fluid in tank 0-100%
tanks.*.capacity.* Total capacity

The signalk-derived-data and signalk-path-mapper plugins are both useful to remap available data to the required canonical paths.


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Cloud development

A full-featured development environment ready to test and code.

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