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SignalK Plugin for capturing internet speed data from and writing the test results to the SignalK data model in the following deltas:

  • internet.ISP - VPN host or ISP
  • internet.packetLoss
  • - Speed in megabits per second
  • internet.speed.upload - Speed in megabits per second

Sytem Requirements client must be installed on the same computer as the SignalK Server and available as a binary command line interface. Without the CLI, the plugin will NOT WORK!

After installing, check that the CLI is working by executing the command speedtest -h in terminal. If the help instructions are printed, then you are ready to install the plugin.


Navigate to the SignalK Server AppStore -> Availble link in the left bar navigation and search for signalk-plugin-internet-speed. See the plugins documentation for further information.

An initial speed test will run after restarting the server, and then use the default set interval of 10 minutes thereafter.

Plugin Settings

After installing, navigate to the SignalK Server Server -> Plugin Config link in the left bar navigation and you will see the Internet Speed panel with a dropdown for the Number of minutes between speed tests. You can modify this to set the speed test interval to how often you would like the speed test to run.


Fork the Github repository, then submit a pull request from your fork into the original.

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