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    Generates deltas for values derived from signalk values

    It currently calculates:

    • Outside air density (based on humidity, temperature and pressure)
    • Battery Power
    • Depth Below Keel (based on depth.belowSurface and design.draft.maximum)
    • Depth Below Keel (based on depth.belowTransducer and depth.transducerToKeel)
    • Depth Below Surface (based on depth.belowKeel and design.draft.maximum)
    • Distance To Go (based on courseGreatCircle.nextPoint.position)
    • Outside air dew point (based on humidity and temperature)
    • Fuel economy (based on speed over ground, fuel rate)
    • Propeller Slip calculation (requires defaults.json to include propulsion.*.drive.propeller.pitch and propulsion.*.transmission.gearRatio)
    • Sets environment.sun to dawn, sunrise, day, sunset, dusk or night (based on navigation.datetime or system time and navigation.position)
    • Tank Volume (based on currentLevel (requires calibration pairs (>2 for parallell sides, >3 for straight wedge and >4 for more complex shapes))
    • Velocity Made Good to Course (based on courseGreatCircle.nextPoint.bearingTrue heading true and speedOverGround)
    • Velocity Made Good to wind (based on wind.directionTrue and speedOverGround)
    • Outside air wind chill (based on wind speed and temperature)
    • True Wind Angle, Direction and Speed (based on speed through water, AWA and AWS)
    • True Wind Direction (based on AWA and headingTrue)
    • Ground Wind Angle and Speed (based on SOG, AWA and AWS)
    • Magnetic Wind Direction (based on AWA and headingMagnetic)
    • Magnetic Wind Direction (based on wind.directionTrue and magneticVarition)
    • Wind Shift (experimental)
    • Moon illumination and times (based on time and navigation.position)
    • Sunlight Times: sunrise, sunriseEnd, goldenHourEnd, solarNoon, goldenHour, sunsetStart, sunset, dusk, nauticalDusk, night, nadir, nightEnd, nauticalDawn, dawn (based on time and navigation.position)
    • Outside Heat Index (based on temperature and humidity)

    To add new calculations, just create a new file under the ./calcs directory.

    For example. This is the VMG calculator.

    module.exports = function(app) {
      return {
        group: 'vmg',
        optionKey: 'vmg',
        title: "Velocity Made Goog (based on courseGreatCircle.nextPoint.bearingTrue heading true and speedOverGround)",
        derivedFrom: [ "navigation.courseGreatCircle.nextPoint.bearingTrue",
                       "navigation.speedOverGround" ],
        calculator: function (bearingTrue, headingTrue, speedOverGround)
          var angle = Math.abs(bearingTrue-headingTrue)
          return [{ path: "navigation.courseGreatCircle.nextPoint.velocityMadeGood",
                    value: Math.cos(bearingTrue-headingTrue) * speedOverGround}]


    npm i signalk-derived-data

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