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    sigfox-iot-data is a sigfox-gcloud and sigfox-aws adapter for writing Sigfox messages into SQL databases like MySQL and Postgres.

    You may read and update Sigfox messages with other modules (such as sigfox-iot-ubidots) before passing to sigfox-iot-data for writing to the database. sigfox-iot-data works with most SQL databases supported by Knex.js like MySQL, Postgres, MSSQL, MariaDB and Oracle.

    sigfox-iot-data was built with sigfox-aws / sigfox-gcloud, an open-source software framework for building a Sigfox server with AWS IoT / Google Cloud Functions. Check out sigfox-aws, sigfox-gcloud

    sigfox-iot-data with MySQL:

    sigfox-iot-data with Postgres:

    Installation for AWS

    See instructions at:


    1. To send messages from a Sigfox device into your database, you may use this Arduino sketch:

      The sketch sends 3 field names and field values, packed into a Structured Message:

      ctr - message counter
      lig - light level, based on the Grove analog light sensor
      tmp - module temperature, based on the Sigfox module's embedded temperature sensor        
    2. Alternatively, you may test by sending a Sigfox message from your Sigfox device with the data field set to:


      We may also use a URL testing tool like Postman to send a POST request to the sigfoxCallback URL.

      Set the Content-Type header to application/json. If you're using Postman, click Body -> Raw -> JSON (application/json) Set the body to:


      where device is your Sigfox device ID.

      Here's the request in Postman:

    3. The response from the callback function should look like this:

        "1A2345": {
          "noData": true
    4. The test message sent above will be decoded and written to your sensordata table as

      ctr (counter): 13
      lig (light level): 760
      tmp (temperature): 29        

      The other fields of the Sigfox message will be written as well.


    npm i sigfox-iot-data

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