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Sigar binding for Node.js

Node Sigar binding

A complete binding to the SIGAR library.

Documentation is available on the project website.

Those are minor issues which I wasn't yet able to resolve.

  • Calling sigar_net_address_to_string throw symbol error
    Impacted functions: netRouteListGet, netInterfaceConfigGet, netInterfaceConfigPrimaryGet, netConnectionListGet Solution: import related source code in './src/'
  • netconnectionlist() doesn't handle flag, use '-1' for now
  • String to address function isn't working in node_sigar_str2net_address. Impacted function: SigarNetStatPortGet See: ./tests/ # Test testNetAdress
  • Protocal in sigar_proc_port_get seems disregarded
  • No idea on how to use rpcPing, see ./tests/ # Test rpcPing
  • sigar_net_connection_walk is not implemented
  • sigar_who_list_get return 0 records (tested on OSX)