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    Official JavaScript SDK client for the Shutterstock API

    The Shutterstock public API provides access to Shutterstock's library of media, as well as information about customers' accounts and the contributors that provide the media. This SDK provides classes for JavaScript and Node.js that you can use to access the API from your applications. These classes call the API in the same way that direct REST calls do. You can use this SDK to search for media, get information about media and about collections, and (if your subscription permits) license and download media. This is the official SDK provided by Shutterstock for its API.

    • API version: 1.1.30



    To access the API and license media with the SDK, you need an API subscription or a free API account.

    API subscriptions are separate from the subscriptions that are available on You can use an API subscription to license and download media only with the API; API subscriptions don't work on To buy an API subscription or set up a free account, see the pricing page. If you have a subscription from and want to use it with the API, contact us.


    To access the REST API you need an application, which represents the application, program, or computer commands that are accessing the API. To use the API, you need the application's consumer key and consumer secret, which are shown on the page.

    When you have the application's consumer key and consumer secret, you can use them to access the API directly or to request a token that you can use to access the API. For more information on these methods of authentication, see Authentication.

    To create an application:

    1. Log in at, go to your account page, and and click Developers.
    2. On the Developers page, click Create new app.
    3. On the Create New App popup, fill in these fields:
      • App name: Specify any name that describes your application.
      • Callback URL: Specify a comma-separated list of the host names (not full URLs) where your application is running. If you’ve got an application running on a server, use the host name of the server. Otherwise, leave the default host name localhost for testing purposes.
      • Referrer: If you are using referrer authentication, specify a comma-separated list of valid referrer domains. Each item in the list must match one of the callback host names. The API accepts only requests that have an HTTP Referrer header from this list. Otherwise, leave this field blank.
      • Included products: This list shows the API products that the application has access to. To get access to other products, contact your Shutterstock representative, visit the Pricing page or contact us.
      • Company name: The name of your company.
      • Website: Your company's web site.
      • Intended use: Select an option that describes how you will use the API.
      • Description: Describe in detail how the application will use the API.
      • Terms of service: Read an accept the Terms of Service.
    4. Click Save.

    The new application appears on the My apps page. Each application has a consumer key and a consumer secret. You use this consumer key and consumer secret either to use the API directly with basic authentication or to request a token for OAuth authentication; see Authentication. Do not share your key and secret, because they can be used to access your account through the API.


    Each application has access to one or more API products. These products control the level of access that the application has to the API and the Shutterstock media library. These products are separate from the subscriptions that control how many assets you can license and download.

    If you create an application without buying an API subscription first, the application uses the free API product, which is labeled as the "Self Serve" product. Applications that use this free API product can search and view media but not license or download media. If you have a paid API subscription, your applications use an API product with additional access to license and download media, within the limitations of the subscription. Other products include access to computer vision and editorial endpoints.

    To tell which API products your application is using, open your applications, expand your application, and go to its Details tab.


    npm or yarn

    To install the SDK as a module with npm or yarn, run one of the following commands:

    npm install shutterstock-api --save
    yarn add shutterstock-api


    Authentication in the SDK works the same way as in the API:

    All endpoints in the Shutterstock API require authentication. The API accepts HTTP basic authentication for some endpoints and OAuth authentication for all endpoints.

    In the reference information for each SDK method (see Documentation for methods or the API reference, each endpoint is labeled with the types of authentication it accepts and the OAuth scopes it requires, if any. In general, HTTP basic authentication is sufficient for search queries and for getting information about pieces of media. The API requires OAuth authentication for actions that require customers to log in to, such as licensing and downloading media.

    For more information about authenticating to the API, see Authentication in the API reference.

    Basic authentication

    In HTTP basic authentication (also known as basic authentication), you pass your application's consumer key and secret key to the SDK along with the request. To get the consumer key and secret key for your application, go to and open the information for your application. The following example uses the variables applicationClientId and applicationClientSecret for the application's consumer key and secret.

    const sstk = require('shutterstock-api');
    sstk.setBasicAuth(applicationClientId, applicationClientSecret);
    const api = new sstk.ImagesApi();

    OAuth authentication

    In this type of authentication, you use an application and an individual user's login credentials to obtain a token. For instructions on how to get a token, see OAuth authentication on the Shutterstock developer portal.

    When you have the token, use it to configure the API client as in the following example, which assumes that your token is in the environment variable SHUTTERSTOCK_API_TOKEN:

    const sstk = require('shutterstock-api');
    const api = new sstk.ImagesApi();

    OAuth scopes

    Most endpoints require an access token with one or more scopes, or permissions. You can see the scopes that each method requires in the reference information for each method.

    The following list shows the available scopes.

    • licenses.create: Grant the ability to download and license media on behalf of the user.
    • purchases.view: Grant read-only access to a user's purchase history.
    • licenses.view: Grant read-only access to a user's licenses.
    • collections.edit: Grant the ability to create new collections, edit a collection, and modify the contents of a collection
    • collections.view: Grant read-only access to a collection and its contents.


    You can provide search keywords in languages other than English by specifying the two-character language code in the language query parameter. If you set this parameter or header, you can also pass category names in that language. The response includes categories and keywords in that language.

    For the list of languages that the API accepts, see the Language schema.

    Licensing sandbox

    To use the licensing sandbox API instead of the main API, use the setSandbox method. For more information on the sandbox API, see Licensing sandbox in the API reference.

    const sstk = require('shutterstock-api');
    const api = new sstk.ImagesApi();

    To go back to the main API, call the setSandbox method again and pass false.



    Follow the installation instructions and use the SDK in your JavaScript code as in these examples.

    This example searches for images. The search parameters go in the queryParams variable. The API returns responses as JavaScript objects. The reference information for each method shows the class for the response. In this example, the callback function extracts the image ID, description, and preview link of each search result into an object.

    const sstk = require('shutterstock-api');
    const api = new sstk.ImagesApi();
    const queryParams = {
      query: 'New York',
      sort: 'popular',
      orientation: 'horizontal'
      .then(({data}) => {
      .catch((error) => {

    The next example requests a license for an image.

    For POST requests like this one, you create an object of the appropriate class to pass as the request body. In this case, the shutterstock-api.ImagesApi.licenseImages method accepts a body parameter of the class shutterstock-api.LicenseImageRequest. This parameter is an array of objects of the class shutterstock-api.LicenseImage, each of which has the ID of an image to license. The reference information for each method shows the class for the body parameter.

    const sstk = require('shutterstock-api');
    const api = new sstk.ImagesApi();
    const imageId = '' // ID of image to license
    const imageToLicense = new sstk.LicenseImage(imageId);
    const body = new sstk.LicenseImageRequest([imageToLicense]);
    const queryParams = {
      subscription_id: process.env.SUBSCRIPTION_ID,
      format: 'jpg',
      size: 'huge'
    api.licenseImages(body, queryParams)
      .then(({data}) => {
      .catch((error) => {

    Instead of using objects for the body, you can also pass a JavaScript object literal that has the data that the API expects in the body. For information about the body format, see the API reference for the related API endpoint. For example, this licensing request passes information about the images to license in a JavaScript object literal:

    const sstk = require('shutterstock-api');
    const imagesApi = new sstk.ImagesApi();
    const body = {
      images: [
          image_id: '419235589',
          price: 12.50,
          metadata: {
            customer_id: '12345'
    const queryParams = {
      format: 'jpg',
      size: 'huge',
      subscription_id: process.env.SUBSCRIPTION_ID
    imagesApi.licenseImages(body, queryParams)
      .then(({ data }) => {
      .catch((error) => {


    The SDK returns the same errors as the API. For information about errors, see Errors in the API reference.

    Handle errors in the catch() method following the SDK method. Each error includes a response object that includes an HTTP status field and a text field that has the description of the error.

    For example, this example requests an image ID that does not exist. The API returns the HTTP status code 404:

    const sstk = require("shutterstock-api");
    const imagesApi = new sstk.ImagesApi();
      .then((data) => {
      .catch((error) => {
        console.error(error.response.status, error.response.text);
        // 404 '{"message":"Not Found"}'



    To run the tests, you must authenticate with the Shutterstock API, get a token, and put the token in the SHUTTERSTOCK_API_TOKEN environment variable. See Authentication.

    $ yarn run test


    $ yarn run lint

    Documentation for methods

    All URIs are relative to

    Class Method HTTP request Description
    shutterstock-api.AudioApi addTrackCollectionItems POST /v2/audio/collections/{id}/items Add audio tracks to collections
    shutterstock-api.AudioApi createTrackCollection POST /v2/audio/collections Create audio collections
    shutterstock-api.AudioApi deleteTrackCollection DELETE /v2/audio/collections/{id} Delete audio collections
    shutterstock-api.AudioApi deleteTrackCollectionItems DELETE /v2/audio/collections/{id}/items Remove audio tracks from collections
    shutterstock-api.AudioApi downloadTracks POST /v2/audio/licenses/{id}/downloads Download audio tracks
    shutterstock-api.AudioApi getTrack GET /v2/audio/{id} Get details about audio tracks
    shutterstock-api.AudioApi getTrackCollection GET /v2/audio/collections/{id} Get the details of audio collections
    shutterstock-api.AudioApi getTrackCollectionItems GET /v2/audio/collections/{id}/items Get the contents of audio collections
    shutterstock-api.AudioApi getTrackCollectionList GET /v2/audio/collections List audio collections
    shutterstock-api.AudioApi getTrackLicenseList GET /v2/audio/licenses List audio licenses
    shutterstock-api.AudioApi getTrackList GET /v2/audio List audio tracks
    shutterstock-api.AudioApi licenseTrack POST /v2/audio/licenses License audio tracks
    shutterstock-api.AudioApi listGenres GET /v2/audio/genres List audio genres
    shutterstock-api.AudioApi listInstruments GET /v2/audio/instruments List audio instruments
    shutterstock-api.AudioApi listMoods GET /v2/audio/moods List audio moods
    shutterstock-api.AudioApi renameTrackCollection POST /v2/audio/collections/{id} Rename audio collections
    shutterstock-api.AudioApi searchTracks GET /v2/audio/search Search for tracks
    shutterstock-api.CatalogApi addToCollection POST /v2/catalog/collections/{collection_id}/items Add items to catalog collections
    shutterstock-api.CatalogApi createCollection POST /v2/catalog/collections Create catalog collections
    shutterstock-api.CatalogApi deleteCollection DELETE /v2/catalog/collections/{collection_id} Delete catalog collections
    shutterstock-api.CatalogApi deleteFromCollection DELETE /v2/catalog/collections/{collection_id}/items Remove items from catalog collection
    shutterstock-api.CatalogApi getCollections GET /v2/catalog/collections List catalog collections
    shutterstock-api.CatalogApi searchCatalog GET /v2/catalog/search Search catalogs for assets
    shutterstock-api.CatalogApi updateCollection PATCH /v2/catalog/collections/{collection_id} Update collection metadata
    shutterstock-api.ComputerVisionApi getKeywords GET /v2/cv/keywords List suggested keywords
    shutterstock-api.ComputerVisionApi getSimilarImages GET /v2/cv/similar/images List similar images
    shutterstock-api.ComputerVisionApi getSimilarVideos GET /v2/cv/similar/videos List similar videos
    shutterstock-api.ComputerVisionApi uploadEphemeralImage POST /v2/images Upload ephemeral images
    shutterstock-api.ComputerVisionApi uploadImage POST /v2/cv/images Upload images
    shutterstock-api.ContributorsApi getContributor GET /v2/contributors/{contributor_id} Get details about a single contributor
    shutterstock-api.ContributorsApi getContributorCollectionItems GET /v2/contributors/{contributor_id}/collections/{id}/items Get the items in contributors' collections
    shutterstock-api.ContributorsApi getContributorCollections GET /v2/contributors/{contributor_id}/collections/{id} Get details about contributors' collections
    shutterstock-api.ContributorsApi getContributorCollectionsList GET /v2/contributors/{contributor_id}/collections List contributors' collections
    shutterstock-api.ContributorsApi getContributorList GET /v2/contributors Get details about multiple contributors
    shutterstock-api.CustomMusicApi createAudioRenders POST /v2/ai/audio/renders Create rendered audio
    shutterstock-api.CustomMusicApi fetchRenders GET /v2/ai/audio/renders Get details about audio renders
    shutterstock-api.CustomMusicApi listCustomDescriptors GET /v2/ai/audio/descriptors List computer audio descriptors
    shutterstock-api.CustomMusicApi listCustomInstruments GET /v2/ai/audio/instruments List computer audio instruments
    shutterstock-api.EditorialImagesApi getEditorialCategories GET /v2/editorial/categories (Deprecated) List editorial categories
    shutterstock-api.EditorialImagesApi getEditorialImage GET /v2/editorial/images/{id} Get editorial content details
    shutterstock-api.EditorialImagesApi getEditorialImageLicenseList GET /v2/editorial/images/licenses List editorial image licenses
    shutterstock-api.EditorialImagesApi getEditorialImageLivefeed GET /v2/editorial/images/livefeeds/{id} Get editorial livefeed
    shutterstock-api.EditorialImagesApi getEditorialImageLivefeedItems GET /v2/editorial/images/livefeeds/{id}/items Get editorial livefeed items
    shutterstock-api.EditorialImagesApi getEditorialImageLivefeedList GET /v2/editorial/images/livefeeds Get editorial livefeed list
    shutterstock-api.EditorialImagesApi getEditorialImage_0 GET /v2/editorial/{id} (Deprecated) Get editorial content details
    shutterstock-api.EditorialImagesApi getEditorialLivefeed GET /v2/editorial/livefeeds/{id} (Deprecated) Get editorial livefeed
    shutterstock-api.EditorialImagesApi getEditorialLivefeedItems GET /v2/editorial/livefeeds/{id}/items (Deprecated) Get editorial livefeed items
    shutterstock-api.EditorialImagesApi getEditorialLivefeedList GET /v2/editorial/livefeeds (Deprecated) Get editorial livefeed list
    shutterstock-api.EditorialImagesApi getUpdatedEditorialImages GET /v2/editorial/images/updated List updated content
    shutterstock-api.EditorialImagesApi getUpdatedImages GET /v2/editorial/updated (Deprecated) List updated content
    shutterstock-api.EditorialImagesApi licenseEditorialImage POST /v2/editorial/licenses (Deprecated) License editorial content
    shutterstock-api.EditorialImagesApi licenseEditorialImages POST /v2/editorial/images/licenses License editorial content
    shutterstock-api.EditorialImagesApi listEditorialImageCategories GET /v2/editorial/images/categories List editorial categories
    shutterstock-api.EditorialImagesApi searchEditorial GET /v2/editorial/search (Deprecated) Search editorial content
    shutterstock-api.EditorialImagesApi searchEditorialImages GET /v2/editorial/images/search Search editorial images
    shutterstock-api.EditorialVideoApi getEditorialVideo GET /v2/editorial/videos/{id} Get editorial video content details
    shutterstock-api.EditorialVideoApi getEditorialVideoLicenseList GET /v2/editorial/videos/licenses List editorial video licenses
    shutterstock-api.EditorialVideoApi licenseEditorialVideo POST /v2/editorial/videos/licenses License editorial video content
    shutterstock-api.EditorialVideoApi listEditorialVideoCategories GET /v2/editorial/videos/categories List editorial video categories
    shutterstock-api.EditorialVideoApi searchEditorialVideos GET /v2/editorial/videos/search Search editorial video content
    shutterstock-api.ImagesApi addImageCollectionItems POST /v2/images/collections/{id}/items Add images to collections
    shutterstock-api.ImagesApi bulkSearchImages POST /v2/bulk_search/images Run multiple image searches
    shutterstock-api.ImagesApi createImageCollection POST /v2/images/collections Create image collections
    shutterstock-api.ImagesApi deleteImageCollection DELETE /v2/images/collections/{id} Delete image collections
    shutterstock-api.ImagesApi deleteImageCollectionItems DELETE /v2/images/collections/{id}/items Remove images from collections
    shutterstock-api.ImagesApi downloadImage POST /v2/images/licenses/{id}/downloads Download images
    shutterstock-api.ImagesApi getFeaturedImageCollection GET /v2/images/collections/featured/{id} Get the details of featured image collections
    shutterstock-api.ImagesApi getFeaturedImageCollectionItems GET /v2/images/collections/featured/{id}/items Get the contents of featured image collections
    shutterstock-api.ImagesApi getFeaturedImageCollectionList GET /v2/images/collections/featured List featured image collections
    shutterstock-api.ImagesApi getImage GET /v2/images/{id} Get details about images
    shutterstock-api.ImagesApi getImageCollection GET /v2/images/collections/{id} Get the details of image collections
    shutterstock-api.ImagesApi getImageCollectionItems GET /v2/images/collections/{id}/items Get the contents of image collections
    shutterstock-api.ImagesApi getImageCollectionList GET /v2/images/collections List image collections
    shutterstock-api.ImagesApi getImageKeywordSuggestions POST /v2/images/search/suggestions Get keywords from text
    shutterstock-api.ImagesApi getImageLicenseList GET /v2/images/licenses List image licenses
    shutterstock-api.ImagesApi getImageList GET /v2/images List images
    shutterstock-api.ImagesApi getImageRecommendations GET /v2/images/recommendations List recommended images
    shutterstock-api.ImagesApi getImageSuggestions GET /v2/images/search/suggestions Get suggestions for a search term
    shutterstock-api.ImagesApi getUpdatedImages GET /v2/images/updated List updated images
    shutterstock-api.ImagesApi licenseImages POST /v2/images/licenses License images
    shutterstock-api.ImagesApi listImageCategories GET /v2/images/categories List image categories
    shutterstock-api.ImagesApi listSimilarImages GET /v2/images/{id}/similar List similar images
    shutterstock-api.ImagesApi renameImageCollection POST /v2/images/collections/{id} Rename image collections
    shutterstock-api.ImagesApi searchImages GET /v2/images/search Search for images
    shutterstock-api.TestApi echo GET /v2/test Echo text
    shutterstock-api.TestApi validate GET /v2/test/validate Validate input
    shutterstock-api.UsersApi getAccessToken GET /v2/user/access_token Get access token details
    shutterstock-api.UsersApi getUser GET /v2/user Get user details
    shutterstock-api.UsersApi getUserSubscriptionList GET /v2/user/subscriptions List user subscriptions
    shutterstock-api.VideosApi addVideoCollectionItems POST /v2/videos/collections/{id}/items Add videos to collections
    shutterstock-api.VideosApi createVideoCollection POST /v2/videos/collections Create video collections
    shutterstock-api.VideosApi deleteVideoCollection DELETE /v2/videos/collections/{id} Delete video collections
    shutterstock-api.VideosApi deleteVideoCollectionItems DELETE /v2/videos/collections/{id}/items Remove videos from collections
    shutterstock-api.VideosApi downloadVideos POST /v2/videos/licenses/{id}/downloads Download videos
    shutterstock-api.VideosApi findSimilarVideos GET /v2/videos/{id}/similar List similar videos
    shutterstock-api.VideosApi getFeaturedVideoCollection GET /v2/videos/collections/featured/{id} Get the details of featured video collections
    shutterstock-api.VideosApi getFeaturedVideoCollectionItems GET /v2/videos/collections/featured/{id}/items Get the contents of featured video collections
    shutterstock-api.VideosApi getFeaturedVideoCollectionList GET /v2/videos/collections/featured List featured video collections
    shutterstock-api.VideosApi getUpdatedVideos GET /v2/videos/updated List updated videos
    shutterstock-api.VideosApi getVideo GET /v2/videos/{id} Get details about videos
    shutterstock-api.VideosApi getVideoCollection GET /v2/videos/collections/{id} Get the details of video collections
    shutterstock-api.VideosApi getVideoCollectionItems GET /v2/videos/collections/{id}/items Get the contents of video collections
    shutterstock-api.VideosApi getVideoCollectionList GET /v2/videos/collections List video collections
    shutterstock-api.VideosApi getVideoLicenseList GET /v2/videos/licenses List video licenses
    shutterstock-api.VideosApi getVideoList GET /v2/videos List videos
    shutterstock-api.VideosApi getVideoSuggestions GET /v2/videos/search/suggestions Get suggestions for a search term
    shutterstock-api.VideosApi licenseVideos POST /v2/videos/licenses License videos
    shutterstock-api.VideosApi listVideoCategories GET /v2/videos/categories List video categories
    shutterstock-api.VideosApi renameVideoCollection POST /v2/videos/collections/{id} Rename video collections
    shutterstock-api.VideosApi searchVideos GET /v2/videos/search Search for videos




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