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  1. 增加目录递归查找.shtml文件
  2. 在处理include文件时,将include文件里的路径替换成相对路径


<link id="seed_style" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/static/v1.0/src/css/lib/gm.css">


<link id="seed_style" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../../src/css/lib/gm.css">



NPM version

shtml2html is a HTML parser tool that will make include shtml files inline and save as html files.

That is to say, the code snipe list below will be replaced by the content of file file.shtml:

<!--#include file="inc/file.shtml" -->
<!--#include virtual="/test/inc/file.shtml" -->

Both Single File and The Entire Folder are supported ! Sub folders are not supported.


Install module with npm:

npm install shtml2html -g

Usage -- command line

shtml2html [options]

shtml2html can run without any option.

In this condition, the program will scan the current folder and process the files, then output them to a temp folder in the current folder with name start with _shtml2html_.

The available options are:

-h, --help                 output usage information
-V, --version              output the version
-s, --source [value]       optional, default is current folder
-d, --destination [value]  optional, default is a temp folder in the source folder
-w, --wwwroot [value]      optional, only required when include files are quoted with absolute path


  1. process files in current folder and output to the dest/ sibling folder:
shtml2html -d ../dest
  1. process files in the html/ sub folder and output to the dest/ sub folder:
shtml2html -s html -d dest/
  1. process files in current folder and output to the dest/ sibling folder, include files are quote with absolute path and the web root path is D:\wwwroot\blog\:
shtml2html -d ../dest -w "D:\\wwwroot\\blog\\"
  1. process file a.shtml in current folder and output to the dest/ sibling folder, save as its original name:
shtml2html -s a.shtml -d ../dest
  1. process file a.shtml in current folder and output to the current folder, save as b.html:
shtml2html -s a.shtml -d b.html

The list wording of path are equal in command line, be carefule of the \ and /, especially at the end of a string:


and, if the folder or file name contains spaces, double quote it:

shtml2html -d "release version/"

You should be clear that the destination is either a file name or a folder name, or file(s) will appear in the wrong place. Of course, you can track the folder from the console information.

Usage -- nodejs file

The best example is the cli.js source file in the src folder. Also, here is a quick start:

var shtml2html = require('shtml2html');
shtml2html(pathFrom, pathTo, pathWwwroot, callback);

The callback is a function that process the result infomations with an array with data structure

    {"msg" : "infomation text", "type": "infomation type"}

Infomation type can be one of the array ["success", "fail", "warn"].

Release Log

  • ####1.0.5 2013.11.19
    Fix RegExp. bug. Compatible with non-standard wording.

  • ####1.0.4 2013.11.13
    Extend nodejs file usage.

  • ####1.0.3 2013.11.12
    Add package.json dependencies.

  • ####1.0.2 2013.11.12
    Support both single file and the entire folder.

  • ####1.0.1 2013.11.07
    Fix RegExp. bug.
    Add examples in readme file.

  • ####1.0.0 2013.11.06
    First release version




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