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    🔺◼️ SHPCSS 🔺◼️

    A simpler way to write SCSS.

    • Rapidly develop DRY, modular and scalable stylesheets.
    • Define a single 'source of truth' for all of your website's styles for easier maintainability
    • Quickly generate element variants - perfect for BEMs and theming
    • Ensures that your codebase is DRY and organised
    • Change an element's properties with one line
    • Decouple styles from selectors
    • Little to no need to manually write CSS
    • Includes a bunch of useful mixins for alignment, positioning etc (WIP)
    • No duplicate CSS properties

    IMPORTANT: This project is currently just a CONCEPT and is not ready for production. Suggestions and contributions welcomed!

    SHPCSS hopes to simplify and speed up the creation of stylesheets by taking every web component and abstracting it to its simplest form. The idea is that every DOM node shares common properties, for example; almost everything has a size (width, height, padding etc) and colour (background, border, text etc). SHPCSS has broken these common properties into two core concepts: swatches & shapes.

    Simple usage

    Define a map containing swatches:

    $swatches: (
      'a': (
        border: solid 2px darken($secondary, 5%),
        color: $secondary,
        text-transform: uppercase,
        font-weight: bold,
        'hover': (
          color: $ui-a,
          background-color: $secondary,

    Include the main class() mixin:

    @include class(
      $selector: '.swatch',
      $shape: 'block',
      $base: (
        'width': auto,
        'custom': (
          padding: 1rem 1.5rem
      $variants: (
        '--a': (
          'interactive': true,
          'swatch': map-get($swatches, 'a')

    SHPCSS will output:

    .swatch {
      position: relative;
      background: none;
      border: none;
      box-sizing: border-box;
      width: auto;
      padding: 1rem 1.5rem;
    .swatch--a {
      border: solid 2px #2912ad;
      color: #2e14c4;
      text-transform: uppercase;
      font-weight: bold;
    .swatch--a:hover {
      cursor: pointer;
      outline: none;
      color: #fff;
      background-color: #2e14c4;


    Every time you define a new class, it's likely that you're going to give that class some baseline properties, such as display, position, width, height etc, why not be able to just specify that it's a block? I have created these mixins so you can simply create a new block or square or circle and the rest is generated for you. The shapes contain predefined values that you can leave as default or override. For example, buttons, inputs, containers and list items are all conceptually blocks, so just define them as such let SHPCSS handle the build.

    Once you've done this, you'll want to apply a swatch. You've defined your checkboxes as squares, radios as circles and your main container as a block, but you recognise that actually they are all stylistically similar and despite being different shapes, they can still share the same swatch which may comprise of a white background, some padding and a grey 1px border. Simply apply that swatch and you're done.

    Once you've broken your website into swatches, you can pick and choose as you like and easily and quickly mix and match by changing very little code. You can also quickly generate interactivity, pseudo elements, variants (great for use with BEMs or similar conventions), aligned elements and much more!

    Current features

    • Class generator
    • Variant generator
    • Square
    • Block
    • Interactive swatches
    • Pseudo elements
    • Built in check to ensure output contains no duplicate properties

    To do

    • Circle
    • Triangle
    • More inbuilt functions/mixins
    • Better documentation
    • A proper demo!


    • Sass


    npm install shpcss

    Include the library into your main SCSS project: @import 'shpcss';


    SHPCSS utilises a main mixin, @include class() and maps containing your swatches. The class() mixin takes the following arguments:

    Arg Optional Type Description Value
    $selector false String Your desired core selector .selector, #id, tag
    $shape false String The shape block, square
    $reset false String Apply a reset/normalise to this element body, list
    $base true Object A map containing base properties See below
    $variants true Object A map containing variant properties See below
    $pseudo true Object A map containing pseudo (::before and ::after) element properties null
    Base map

    The properties you pass in your base map will vary depending on the shape but there are some shared properties you can use

    Shared properties

    These properties can be used for all shapes

    Property Optional Type Description Value
    swatch true Object Apply a swatch to the current element map with swatch styles e.g map-get($swatches, 'swatch-a')
    align true String Align the current element center, center-x, center-y
    children true String Align the current element's children center, center-x, or a flex value e.g space-between
    Square properties

    If you're using a square:

    Property Optional Type Description Value
    size true Number Your desired square size value and unit e.g 10px, 2rem
    Block properties

    If you're using a block:

    Property Optional Type Description Value
    width true Number Your desired block width e.g 100%, auto
    height true Number Your desired block height value and unit e.g 10px, 2rem


    npm i shpcss

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