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Showtime is a low fidelity html slideshow presentation tool, that uses a markdown-ish file as its slideshow source. See example below.

This is more of a weekend hack to play around with main-loop and virtual-dom, but feel free to use as needed.


npm i showtime -g


Create a markdownish file using --- three dashes to separate your slides.

# Title
### Table of Contents
* One
* Two
* Three
# One
# Two

Save this file as then serve using showtime

showtime -p 3000

And now you have a simple slideshow app ready to rock.

If you want to change the default color/background color, simply create a style.css file in the same folder as your slide markdown file.

body {
  background-color: mediumpurple;
  color: greenyellow;
  font-family: 'Raleway';

See the ./example folder for more details.

Use Cases

If you want to put a quick and simple presentation together in a very short period of time and have it serve as documentation in your github repo as a markdown file

It is not a full markdown parser it just takes some simple markdown formats to build a slide.


No particular roadmap at the moment, please feel free to take it and hack away, I may had syntax highlighting in the future if necessary, please pose issues and provide pull requests if your interested in contributing.

Thank You

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