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Command-line utility/middleware(TODO) for serving directories, including bower dependencies.


I do a lot of prototyping - directory with few html files, each one of them showing different app screen. This saves me from including css and js dependencies in every file.

I also wanted to stay lightweigh, grunt sucks.

How it works

  • serves current directory on
  • /*.html files are postprocessed, dependencies are appended to html
  • http port fallbacks to random, if 3900 is already in use (TODO)

Command-line tool

show [--port 3900] [files...]

npm install -g show

mkdir example
cd example
echo "<button class=btn>Bootstrap!</button>" > index.html

bower install --save bootstrap

Redefine order manually using bower.json

TODO - dependency order in bower.json should override order inferred by "bower list" (if some sub-dependency is explicitly defined as first it should be loaded first)

Additional command-line options