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    Shoutem extensions

    This repository contains all official Shoutem extensions. All of these extensions have to remain compatible with the new versions of the Shoutem core platform.

    All directories in the root of this repository must represents extensions.

    Development process

    The development process in this repository is based on the git flow branching model. To contribute to this repository, developers must open a feature branch. After a feature is developed, a pull request must be sent to at least one other developer. The reviewer is responsible for merging pull requests.

    This repository contains multiple extensions, so each feature branch name should start with the name of the extension to make it easier to identify the extension that the pull request is affecting. Also, the pull request title should start with the name of the extension in the following format [<extension-name>], e.g.: [news] Add a details screen. Direct commits to develop or master branches are not allowed.

    After changes are merged to develop of this repository, the developer that merged those changes must push the latest version of the extension to the Shoutem development server using the Shoutem CLI (shoutem push).

    Testing & publishing extensions on Shoutem dev environment

    All applications on Shoutem env are cloned from Base app (2470). Base app can contain only published version of extension. Develop versions are not allowed.

    When testing, developer should update extension to develop on his application. When he is done with testing, he should publish his extension and upgrade it on Base app.




    npm i shoutem-extensions

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