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job queueing over http



maximum amount of time shortline will wait before closing the connection and recording that the request failed due to timeout

port to connect to on each endpoint

maximun number of connections to each endpoint

whitelist of ips which can submit jobs

port shortline should listen on for incoming requests

shortline has seperate databases for the following modes:

  • production
  • development
  • test

shortline currently supports mongoDB and MySQL

  • adapter mysql
  • host
  • user
  • password
  • database
  • adapter mongo
  • user optional
  • password optional
  • database
  • hosts
    hosts an array of host:port pairs
    port defaults to 27017
  • Receiver
  • Pusher
  • Queue
  • Storage
  • Job
  • JobBoard
  • CLI Interface

Listens for job requests. Pushes them into the Queue and Storage. Receivers must register their Pusher before requests will be processed. Requests that don't have a corresponding receiver will be ignored.

Pulls requests off the Queue and pushes them to their processors. Only deletes a request from the Queue after callback calls done().

Add and remove request, can be reset from Storage given a timestamp.

Permanent storage of requests and jobs. Requests indexed by time_created. Deleted after a month.

Manages a job lifecycle. Registers a Receiver and a Pusher to a Queue. Handles errors for Receiver, Pusher, and Queue.

list of available Jobs, keyed by domain. Allows for run-time configuration changes to job processing.

List, Create, Update and Delete running Jobs via the JobBoard