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Is a command/module that expose commun gulp commands for the cells project. This command is useful in order to share some comun task between all the cells projects

Install shortlife

npm install shortlife -g 

Note: -g is used if you want to install the module globally in your enviroment

Using shortlife as a command

In order to see the commands that you have available for execution execute:



slife -h

In order to execute one gulp task execute:

slife <task-name>

Using shortlife as a module

Just require the module

var slife = require("slife-command");

(1) run (commands);

Execute all gulp commands, "commands" could be one or an Array of gulp commands.

(2) showTask


List all gulp task available of this module.

Deal with the promise

cellsGulp returns a promise so you have to deal with it in order to get the right behaviour of your command. (see index.js for convenience example)

Array messages

'Array' returned in both callbacks reject and resolve.

Contains all the gulp events throwed by the commands executed. (start, task_start, task_stop, task_err, err, etc....)

Adding new gulp task to the index

  1. Copy your gulp task to the task folder in shortlife project

  2. Use the config file 'shortlife.json' for the configuration

    • use the same name of the gulp file in the configuration file, for vulcanize.js f.i.:

    { "vulcanize" : { "dependenciesToIgnore": [], "dependenciesToInclude": [ "cells-", "bbva-" ]} ... }

  3. Require the config module in your gulp file.

    var config = require("../lib/cells-config");

  4. Use the config object inside your gulp file.

    var dependenciesToInclude = config.vulcanize.dependenciesToInclude;

parallel steps is not allowed use gulp instead ["task1", "task2"]