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An SMS service for our shopping assistance. Actually it is only speaking some German.

Installation for Node.js

npm install shopping-list-sms-service -g


Configure smsd in its file config.js first (see documentation there)!


Usually register this service as a listener at smsd and let smsd do the rest:

$ smsd --register="smsshopping"
$ smsd

Otherwise run on command line, if messages are available by smsd (messages.db file in your current directory is not empty or undefined):

$ smsshopping											--> run normal
$ smsshopping --demo    								--> run included demonstration of task descriptions and nothing else
$ smsshopping --try "Einkauf?"   						--> run a single command manually and get the result printed out without sending messages
$ smsshopping --cmd "Einkauf?" --to "+491234567"		--> run a command manually and send result to a phone number
$ smsshopping -v										--> always use -v to set verbose mode

To see shopping list in browser, run server and open localhost

$ smsserver

Actually understood commands

  • Kaufe am Do 3x Butter bei Aldi Hohe Str.
  • Kaufe Butter
  • Einkauf am Do bei Aldi Hohe Str?
  • Einkauf?
  • Butter gekauft
  • Schema