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Shippo logo Shippo JavaScript SDK

Shippo is a shipping API that connects you with multiple shipping carriers (such as USPS, UPS, DHL, Canada Post, Australia Post, and many others) through one interface.

You must register for a Shippo account to use our API. It's free to sign up. Only pay to print a live label, test labels are free.

To use the API, you must generate an API Token. In the following examples, replace <YOUR_API_KEY_HERE> with your own token.

For example.


SDK Installation


npm add shippo


pnpm add shippo


bun add shippo


yarn add shippo zod

# Note that Yarn does not install peer dependencies automatically. You will need
# to install zod as shown above.


For supported JavaScript runtimes, please consult

SDK Example Usage


import { Shippo } from "shippo";

const shippo = new Shippo({
    apiKeyHeader: "<YOUR_API_KEY_HERE>",
    // the API version can be globally set, though this is normally not required
    // shippoApiVersion: "<YYYY-MM-DD>",

async function run() {
    const result = await shippo.addresses.list();

    // Handle the result


Custom HTTP Client

The TypeScript SDK makes API calls using an HTTPClient that wraps the native Fetch API. This client is a thin wrapper around fetch and provides the ability to attach hooks around the request lifecycle that can be used to modify the request or handle errors and response.

The HTTPClient constructor takes an optional fetcher argument that can be used to integrate a third-party HTTP client or when writing tests to mock out the HTTP client and feed in fixtures.

The following example shows how to use the "beforeRequest" hook to to add a custom header and a timeout to requests and how to use the "requestError" hook to log errors:

import { Shippo } from "shippo";
import { HTTPClient } from "shippo/lib/http";

const httpClient = new HTTPClient({
  // fetcher takes a function that has the same signature as native `fetch`.
  fetcher: (request) => {
    return fetch(request);

httpClient.addHook("beforeRequest", (request) => {
  const nextRequest = new Request(request, {
    signal: request.signal || AbortSignal.timeout(5000)

  nextRequest.headers.set("x-custom-header", "custom value");

  return nextRequest;

httpClient.addHook("requestError", (error, request) => {"Request Error");
  console.log("Reason:", `${error}`);
  console.log("Endpoint:", `${request.method} ${request.url}`);

const sdk = new Shippo({ httpClient });


Review our full guides and references at

Available Resources and Operations

  • list - List all addresses
  • create - Create a new address
  • get - Retrieve an address
  • validate - Validate an address
  • list - List all customs declarations
  • create - Create a new customs declaration
  • get - Retrieve a customs declaration
  • list - List all customs items
  • create - Create a new customs item
  • get - Retrieve a customs item
  • list - List all manifests
  • create - Create a new manifest
  • get - Retrieve a manifest
  • list - List all orders
  • create - Create a new order
  • get - Retrieve an order
  • list - List all carrier parcel templates
  • get - Retrieve a carrier parcel templates
  • list - List all parcels
  • create - Create a new parcel
  • get - Retrieve an existing parcel
  • create - Create a refund
  • list - List all refunds
  • get - Retrieve a refund
  • list - List all service groups
  • create - Create a new service group
  • update - Update an existing service group
  • delete - Delete a service group
  • list - List all shipments
  • create - Create a new shipment
  • get - Retrieve a shipment
  • create - Register a tracking webhook
  • get - Get a tracking status
  • list - List all shipping labels
  • create - Create a shipping label
  • get - Retrieve a shipping label
  • list - List all user parcel templates
  • create - Create a new user parcel template
  • delete - Delete a user parcel template
  • get - Retrieves a user parcel template
  • update - Update an existing user parcel template
  • list - List all Shippo Accounts
  • create - Create a Shippo Account
  • get - Retrieve a Shippo Account
  • update - Update a Shippo Account



This SDK is in beta, and there may be breaking changes between versions without a major version update. Therefore, we recommend pinning usage to a specific package version. This way, you can install the same version each time without breaking changes unless you are intentionally looking for the latest version.


While we value open-source contributions to this SDK, this library is generated programmatically. Feel free to open a PR or a Github issue as a proof of concept and we'll do our best to include it in a future release!

About Shippo

Connect with multiple different carriers, get discounted shipping labels, track parcels, and much more with just one integration. You can use your own carrier accounts or take advantage of our discounted rates with the Shippo carrier accounts. Using Shippo makes it easy to deal with multiple carrier integrations, rate shopping, tracking and other parts of the shipping workflow. We provide the API and web app for all your shipping needs.




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