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Express Error Handler

Formats errors for the api-problem+json media-type

Error details (e.g. name, message, stack) will be included if the showDetails option is set. If the error already has a detail property, that is included as well, either as description if it is a string, or as the included properties if it is an object.

If err.status, err.statusCode or err.output.statusCode is set, that will set the HTTP status for the error response. It will also display the error's message property.


Include the module

errorHandler = require('shiny-express-errors');

[handleErrors]{#handleErrors} [handleUncaughtErrors]{#handleUncaughtErrors} [sendError]{#sendError} [serializer]{#serializer} [getStatusCode]{#getStatusCode} [getRootError]{#getRootError}

Add middleware for error handling



  • showDetails: boolean|function(err, req). whether to include error details (like stack) in response. Defaults to return true if statusCode is known and less than 500. Suggest changing it to show for all but 500+ in production

  • showStack: boolean|function(err, req). whether to include stack trace in response. Defaults to false. Suggest changing it to show for all but production

  • errorCallback: function(err, req, responseSent). callback to run before sending error response (e.g. custom logging or whatever). responseSent is a boolean, true if response headers have already been sent, i.e. next(err) will not be called, so error is not indicated is response. Defaults to doing nothing

  • describedBy: string|function(req). when string, value will be used in the describedBy field. when function, function will be run to generate field (with req as an argument). Defaults to <host>/errors/error.html

Add middleware for uncaught errors (uses domains). Attempts to send error response if response not already sent. Then it closes any open connections before shutting down the server. Server should be shut down after an uncaught exception: it always indicates a programmer error that should be fixed immediately.



  • callback: function(err, req). callback to run before closing

Send an error response to the client. Sends using api-problem media type.

errorHandler.sendError(req, res, status, title, detail)

Bunyan serializer. Includes recursive verror walking serializer = require('shiny-express-errors').serializer;

Inspect Error object to try to determine appropriate http status code

var code = serializer.statusCode(err);

Get root error. Recurses verrors to get original error object

var e = serializer.getRootError(err);


npm i shiny-express-errors

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