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react-native-root-toast npm version


  1. Pure javascript solution.
  2. Support both Android and iOS.
  3. Lots of custom options for Toast.
  4. You can show/hide Toast by calling api or using Component inside render.



npm install react-native-root-toast

react-native-root-toast >= 2.1.0 only supports react-native >= 0.47.0 , for lower version choose 2.0.0 or below.

In react native >= 0.62, the new LogBox component would impact this component's initialization. To make it work we have to explicitly insert a mount point in your app like this:

// in your entry file like `App.js`

// In theory you don't have to install `react-native-root-siblings` because it's a dep of root-toast
// But you can install it explicitly if your editor complains about it.
import { RootSiblingParent } from 'react-native-root-siblings';

// in your render function 
return (
  <RootSiblingParent>  // <- use RootSiblingParent to wrap your root component
    <App />

You can skip this step if your react-native is lower than 0.62. And actually you can inject RootSiblingParent into anywhere like a react portal, for example if you have multiple rootviews you can choose where to display the root toast.

Read more about react-native-root-siblings which powers react-native-root-toast.


There are two different ways to manage a Toast.

Calling api
import Toast from 'react-native-root-toast';

// Add a Toast on screen.
let toast ='This is a message', {
    duration: Toast.durations.LONG,
    position: Toast.positions.BOTTOM,
    shadow: true,
    animation: true,
    hideOnPress: true,
    delay: 0,
    onShow: () => {
        // calls on toast\`s appear animation start
    onShown: () => {
        // calls on toast\`s appear animation end.
    onHide: () => {
        // calls on toast\`s hide animation start.
    onHidden: () => {
        // calls on toast\`s hide animation end.

// You can manually hide the Toast, or it will automatically disappear after a `duration` ms timeout.
setTimeout(function () {
}, 500);

Using a Component

NOTE: Showing a toast by using a Component inside render, The toast will be automatically disappeared when the <Toast /> is unmounted.

import React, {Component} from 'react-native';
import Toast from 'react-native-root-toast';

class Example extends Component{
    constructor() {
        this.state = {
            visible: false

    componentDidMount() {
        setTimeout(() => this.setState({
            visible: true
        }), 2000); // show toast after 2s

        setTimeout(() => this.setState({
            visible: false
        }), 5000); // hide toast after 5s

    render() {
        return <Toast
        >This is a message</Toast>;



Name Default Type Description
duration Toast.durations.SHORT Number The duration of the toast. (Only for api calling method)
visible false Bool The visibility of toast. (Only for Toast Component)
position Toast.positions.BOTTOM Number The position of toast showing on screen (A negative number represents the distance from the bottom of screen. A positive number represents the distance form the top of screen. 0 will position the toast to the middle of screen.)
animation true Bool Should preform an animation on toast appearing or disappearing.
shadow true Bool Should drop shadow around Toast element.
backgroundColor null String The background color of the toast.
shadowColor null String The shadow color of the toast.
textColor null String The text color of the toast.
delay 0 Number The delay duration before toast start appearing on screen.
hideOnPress true Bool Should hide toast that appears by pressing on the toast.
opacity 0.8 Number The Toast opacity.
onShow null Function Callback for toast`s appear animation start
onShown null Function Callback for toast`s appear animation end
onHide null Function Callback for toast`s hide animation start
onHidden null Function Callback for toast`s hide animation end



presets of duration of the toast.

  1. Toast.durations.SHORT (equals to 2000)

  2. Toast.durations.LONG (equals to 3500)


presets of position of toast.

  1. Toast.positions.TOP (equals to 20)

  2. Toast.positions.BOTTOM (equals to -20)

  3. Toast.positions.CENTER (equals to 0)

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