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    What is Shido?

    Build fast with Shido, a CSS framework for building custom designs without any annoying style or component you have to fight to override.

    Shido is different from others css frameworks, it doesn't have preloaded UI kits. Provide only what is necessary to design your web pages, like margins, font sizes, positioning, colors, helpers, that kind of thing.

    It is up to you to use Shido to create your own components, this provides immense freedom where others only restrict what you create.


    Getting started

    Install via npm or yarn

    To take advantage of the customization features, the best way to install Shido is via npm or yarn, this installation method guarantees a trouble-free use with bundlers like Webpack.

    npm i shido --save
    yarn add shido

    Install via CDN

    Before using CDN compilation, keep in mind that the customization of variables are not available without incorporating Shido in your build process. I recommend downloading the file and placing it in your projects directory for offline use or otherwise.

    <link href="^3.1.1/dist/css/shido.min.css" rel="stylesheet">
    <link href="^3.1.1/dist/css/shido.min.css" rel="stylesheet">

    Add shido to your project

    If you're install via npm or yarn and using postcss-import or a tool that uses it such as Webpack or Gulp, you can use @import to add Shido directly to your build process.

    // Less 
    @import "~shido/src/less/shido";
    // Sass 
    @import "~shido/src/sass/shido";


    Released under the MIT License

    Copyright © 2013-2020 Samuel Olvera


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