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Shibori is an HTML/CSS library used across Heroku marketing and web properties such as WWW and Elements Marketplace. View the library at

Local setup



To watch for files:

yarn serve

Before committing changes, compile the dist:

yarn dist

Installation in consumer app

yarn add shibori or npm install shibori

see also: the operations doc section on Rails

Development alongside Rails

The Rails app must be npm-able. You can link to the local repo of shibori using the file designation in your package.json, e.g. "shibori": "file:../shibori".

see also: the operations doc

Pattern lab docs

Shibori uses the node version of Pattern Lab. You can find documentation in this repo's docs directory.

Release new version

Note: there is more than one way to do this, just please make sure tags are created in git and pushed to GitHub

$ bin/release major|minor|patch


  • Make sure you have run and committed yarn dist
  • Run npm version <type> where type is major (X.0.0), minor (0.X.0), or patch (0.0.X).
  • Run npm publish (you must be an collaborator of Shibori on
  • Run git push --follow-tags

You can then document the release via the tags list.


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