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Sheut NPM version

To work with Circle CI, local PhantomJS must be webfont build

NodeJS regression testing with Cairo

Getting Started




  • debug: (optional) Boolean to determine if Casper's verbose logging is enabled
  • waitForSelector: (optional) waits for a CSS selector to be attached to a DOM element before capturing each screenshot. Could be useful if you're waiting for JavaScript to update elements in your page
  • server: (optional) If provided Sheut will start a static server using the dir and port given. If omitted, Sheut will assume the server has already been started
    • dir: The location of the site to serve
    • port: the port on which to open the server
  • thresholds: (optional) When making comparison, how much difference is allowed before an error is reported.
    • misMatchPercentage: (default 0)
    • height: (default 0)
    • width: (default 0)
  • screenshots: (mandatory) The directory where to save the captured screens.
  • hideSelectors: An array of selectors to be hidden in all tests (visibility: hidden)
  • viewports: (mandatory) An array of resolutions at which to test the sites
    • name: Used to categorise the url and used in the filename of the save screenshots
    • height: The height of the browser.
    • width: The width of the browser.
  • sites: (mandatory) An array of URLs to test.
    • name: Used to categorise the url and used in the filename of the save screenshots
    • url: The url to test
    • hideSelectors: An array of selectors to be hidden (visibility: hidden)
    • selectors: An array of selectors to take test. Saved screenshots will be trimmed to show only this selector
    • ignoredViewports: An array of viewport names that will be skipped for this test. If not specified, this test will run against all viewports

NPM Example

Add the following to your package.json and run npm test

    "sheut:capture": "sheut capture",
    "sheut:accept": "sheut accept",
    "sheut:clean": "sheut clean",
    "sheut:compare": "sheut compare",
    "test": "sheut clean && sheut capture && sheut compare"

CircleCI Example


    - npm install -g gulp
    - gulp build
    - gulp test
    - npm test
    - npm install -g casperjs@1.1.0-beta3

Gulp Example


var gulp = require('gulp');
var gutil = require('gulp-util');
var sheut = require('sheut');
function error(err){
    gulp.emit("error", err);
function success(err){
gulp.task('sheut:clean', function(){
    return sheut.clean().then(success, error);
gulp.task('sheut:capture', ['sheut:clean'], function(){
    return sheut.capture().then(success, error);
gulp.task('sheut:accept', function(){
    return sheut.accept().then(success, error);
gulp.task('sheut:compare', ['sheut:capture'], function(){
    return, error);


  • move remotely built screen-shots to aws on fail
  • integrate into existing tests
  • cross browser remotely