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ANSI colors for your Node.js app's stdout, stderror, and logs


Get shellcolor with npm.

npm install shellcolor --save


Pass a bland string to shellcolor(), get a colorful string back.

var shellcolor = require('shellcolor');
console.log(shellcolor('<b><green>Success:<green></b> Process started.'));
console.warn(shellcolor('<b><yellow>Error:</yellow></b> Something seems wrong....'));
console.error(shellcolor('<b><red>Error:</red></b> Something broke.'));


The following tags are available:

Tag Description ANSI
<black> black text 30
<red> red text 31
<green> green text 32
<yellow> yellow text 33
<blue> blue text 34
<magenta> magenta text 35
<cyan> cyan text 36
<white> white text 37
<grey> grey text 90
<bg-black> black background 40
<bg-red> red background 41
<bg-green> green background 42
<bg-yellow> yellow background 43
<bg-blue> blue background 44
<bg-magenta> magenta background 45
<bg-cyan> cyan background 46
<bg-white> white background 47
<bg-grey> grey background 100
<b> bold 1
<i> italics 3
<u> underline 4
<blink> flash text 5


shellcolor is licensed under the permissive BSD license.