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A node.js client for your DIRECTV boxes


A node.js client for your DIRECTV boxes. This is another module to further enable my ability to control my whole house with node.js.


$ npm install shef

Connect to one of your boxes and do some stuff...

var shef = require('../');
var box1 ='');
box1.tune(234, function(err, res) {
  if(!err) console.log('Tuned to channel 234');

Your DIRECTV boxes might need a bit of setup. Here are the steps...

  1. Go to Menu->System Setup->Whole-Home->External Device
  2. Set External Access, Current Program, and Recordings to "Allow"

Create an instance of a box object to represent one of your DIRECTV boxes

Return the information about the current tuned channel on the box

Get information about a program

Tune your box to a certain channel

Simulate a key up event on the remote

Simulate a key down event on the remote

Simulate a key press event on the remote. This is the equivalent of a key down + key up.

Get version information about the box

Get all of the command options for the box

Get the current mode of the box. 0 is standby and 1 is active

Get an array of the locations for the box