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    She is a command-line tool to add brackets

    I admire Lisp, but there are flaws I really don't like.

    • One is Lisp lack of libraries to deal with daily works.
      As a result, I can't use Lisp at any place as I like.
      To this case, I'm now trying to learn Chicken Scheme, hope it will be good.

    • The second is the syntax, too many bracks here in Lisp.
      I was trying hard looking for some alternative methods to escape from that.
      There is a related specification, but I failed to make it work. T_T
      Influenced by code transformation of Node Community, I wrote she.

    The name.. as Scheme use .scm as a filename extenson,
    I try to see Scheme from another view, and it's ScHEme, rather than SCheMe.


    She is writtern in CoffeeScript and packaged as a NPM module.
    Just install via npm (maybe need use sudo):

    npm install -g she

    She is also a module for adding brackets to a string:

    {convert} = require "she"
    convert "code" # outputs "(code)" 

    Option -o spectifies the following pathname to be the output path.
    If that's a directory, just the directory, or, to be a file.
    Option -q means to run command only one time to compile it.
    By default, she blocks the terminal to watch the files.
    And there has not bene special rules for the extension name by now.

    So she file.she -o dir/ & fits better to me, and you if you like.
    Better to heck reload-cli. I usually combine them togather as live coding.




    npm i she

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