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SmartContracts Build Status

ChronoMint, Labour Hours and Time contracts.

  • ChronoBankPlatform.sol acts as a base for all tokens operation (like issuing, balance storage, transfer).
  • ChronoBankAsset.sol adds interface layout (described in ChronoBankAssetInterface.sol)
  • ChronoBankAssetWithFee.sol extends ChronoBankAsset.sol with operations fees logic.
  • ChronoBankAssetProxy.sol acts as a transaction proxy, provide an ERC20 interface (described in ERC20Interface.sol) and allows additional logic insertions and wallet access recovery in case of key loss.
  • ChronoBankPlatformEmitter.sol provides platform events definition.

To understand contract logic better you can take a look at the comments also as at unit tests

Alt tag


NodeJS 6+ required.

npm install -g ethereumjs-testrpc
npm install -g truffle

Then start TestRPC in a separate terminal by doing


Then run tests in a project dir by doing

truffle test