Convenience wrapper for Redis EVAL/EVALSHA


This library provides a convenient wrapper for sending Lua scripts to a Redis server via EVALSHA.

EVALSHA is a Redis command that takes advantage of Redis's Lua script caching. Once a Lua script has been sent to Redis via EVAL or SET SCRIPT, the script will be cached. You can use EVALSHA to execute the same script by sending the SHA-1 hash of the script, rather than the body of the script itself.

A shavaluator object wraps a Redis client for executing Lua scripts. It will always attempt EVALSHA first, falling back on EVAL if the script has not yet been cached by the Redis server.

Shavaluator = require('shavaluator')
// 1. Initialize a shavaluator with a Redis client 
var shavaluator = new Shavaluator(redis);
// 2. Load a series of named Lua scripts into the shavaluator. 
  delequal: " \
    if'GET', KEYS[1]) == ARGV[1] then \
      return'DEL', KEYS[i]) \
    end \
    return 0 \
// 3. The 'delequal' script is now loaded into the shavaluator and bound 
//    as a method. When you call this, the shavaluator will first attempt 
//    an EVALSHA, and fall back onto EVAL. 
shavaluator.delequal({ keys: 'someKey', args: 'deleteMe' });