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This is a fork of the react-scripts package from the facebookincubator/create-react-app monorepo.

This package is published as sharetribe-scripts in NPM.

See the description field in package.json to see which version of react-scripts this fork is built from.

Differences to react-scripts



To update the fork to use a new version of the upstream repository:

  1. If you haven't already, configure the upstream repository as a remote:

    git remote add upstream
  2. Sync the fork to a branch, making sure you merge from a specific version/tag that you want to base your changes on

  3. Make your changes, test them (see below), make a PR, release

Making changes and testing

To test your local changes, link the local repository to the application:

  1. In the create-react-app/packages/react-scripts directory, install dependencies and make a link of the package:

    yarn install # ignore the yarn.lock file
    yarn link
  2. In the application remove the old sharetribe-scripts package and use the linked version:

    yarn remove sharetribe-scripts
    yarn link sharetribe-scripts
  3. Now you changes to the fork are usable as a symlicked dependency in the application


  1. Make sure you have updated the version also in the description field in package.json. Try to sync the package version with the original package, if possible.

  2. Publish to NPM:

    npm publish
  3. Tag the commit with released version: sharetribe-scripts@x.x