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Friendly CLI task manager

npm i -g shakal

shakal compiles styles, optimizes images, generates SVG and PNG sprites.

The key feature is that shakal lives as a global module, making it possible to work with several projects.

Using the sprite bundler you get three files: sprite.png, sprite.svg and icons.less. To set an icon use generated mixin -- .icon(@filename).

When you run the manager it takes active projects and generates gulp tasks using the parameters you've specified during the adding.

Command list####

  • add - starts new project initialization in current directory
  • list - shows a list of added projects
    • --detail - outputs a detail info for each project in a list
    • --active - only active projects
  • activate, deactivate
  • remove
  • config <projectName> - starts project re-initialization. (Useful when you need to change some params)
  • update - updates/installs dependencies. You may need this after shakal update.
  • run - generates and runs gulp-tasks for active projects in the list
    • --notify - turns on system notifications for errors