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What is it?

A build process in a command. Just run npx sfo dev <your entry file> and SFO takes care of spinning up a build process and dev server for you!

If you don't want to use npx, run npm install --global sfo then run sfo dev <your entry file>.


In your entry file, just export a default function that accepts a DOM node. It's then up to you to render whatever you want to the DOM!

Is this tied to React/Angular/D3/Ember/Vue/etc.

Nope! It works without whatever you want!


import React from 'react';
import { render } from 'react-dom';
import './my-styles.css';
const App = () => <h1>Hello World!</h1>;
export default function (node) {
  render(<App />, node);


  • sfo dev <entry file> - Runs the dev process with nice debugging features.
  • sfo bundle <entry file> - Outputs a production build to the ./build directory. You can take this and then deploy it easily.
  • sfo size <entry file> - Get a nice visualization of your production bundle to see where you can cut down on file size.


  • --no-eslint - Run sfo without the Airbnb eslint rules


Sometimes you need a bit more customization than sfo initially allows. sfo has a "shadowing" feature that if it detects that you have your own configuration for one of the tools, it'll use your config instead of its own. Shadowing works for the following:

  • ./index.html - sfo has its own index.html that it uses for your default page but it will use your index.html if it finds it. sfo will smartly inject the built CSS and JS so you don't have to worry about those. Its only requirement is that you have a #root element somewhere that it provide that element to the exported function.
  • ./.babelrc - If you have a different config for Babel than what's provided then it will use that. For now, only ./.babelrc works and other locations of Babel configs (like package.json) don't work.

Due to how ESLint loads plugins, it cannot be shadowed. Use --no-eslint for now instead.

What am I getting?

  • Webpack
  • Babel
    • preset-env
    • Flow annotation removal
    • JSX
  • Importable CSS which is run through PostCSS
    • cssnano
    • postcss-import
    • cssnext
  • ESLint with rules for Flow, Airbnb, and Prettier
  • vue-loader with buble for Vue users (doesn't affect you if you don't use .vue files.)

This isn't very configurable.



Lots to do here. This is just the start. Look at the issues if you want to see my roadmap.




npm i sfo

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