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    Safe Featured Node.js CORS checking tool.


    npm install sfn-cors --save


    const app = require("express")(); // Install express first.
    const cors = require("sfn-cors");
    // Try making a xhr request at 'github.com' to 'localhost:3000', set a custom
    // header 'X-Requested-With'.
    // The route accepts any kind of methods, but at `github.com`, only 'GET' will
    // be allowed.
    app.use("*", cors.express({
        origins: "*.github.com",
        methods: "GET",
        headers: "x-requested-with",
    app.all("/", (req, res)=>{
        res.send("Hello, World!");
    app.listen(3000, ()=>{
        console.log("Test server started!");

    Or with Koa:

    const Koa = require("koa");
    const cors = require("sfn-cors");
    const app = new Koa();
        origins: "*.github.com",
        methods: "GET",
        headers: "x-requested-with",
    app.use(ctx => {
        ctx.body = "Hello, World!";
    app.listen(3000, () => {
        console.log("Test server started!");

    For other frameworks or native Node.js server

    This module can be run with any frameworks or native Node.js server, it doesn't rely on any framework.


    cors(options: any, req: IncomingMessage, res: ServerResponse): boolean

    Apply access control checking.

    • options Could be an *, a true to accept all origins, a hostname to accept one origin, an array to accept several origins, or an object contains: { origins, methods, headers, credentials, maxAge, exposeHeaders }, except credentials: boolean and maxAge: number, the other four can be set to an array. See https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTTP/CORS for more details.
    • req The corresponding request.
    • res The corresponding response.

    Returns true if access control checking passed, false otherwise.

    This function extends legacy CORS Access Control Checking, it allows you checking multiple origins in multiple forms. Possible hosts specification are:

    • https://github.com allow only https scheme for this host
    • http://github.com allow only http scheme for this host
    • github.com allow any scheme for this host
    • *.github.com allow any sub-domain including second-level domain itself
    • https://*.github.com same as above but restrict for https only
    • github.com:* allow any port for this host
    • *.github.com:* allow any port for this host and any sub-domain
    • https://*.github.com:* same as above but restrict for https only
    • The port can be specified to an accurate port number.

    Some browsers, like Chrome, won't check Access-Control-Allow-Methods and Access-Control-Allow-Headers, or check weakly, but using this module, methods and headers are always strictly checked.

    when Access Control Checking failed, or the request method is OPTIONS (whatever succeeded or failed), the connection should be immediately terminated and no more actions will run after that.

    cors.express(options: any)

    Middleware for Express framework.

    cors.koa(options: any)

    Middleware for Koa framework.



    npm i sfn-cors

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