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WARNING: This project has been renamed to sfdx-waw-plugin. Install using sfdx-waw-plugin instead.


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A plugin for the SFDX CLI with a number of useful commands.


Install from source

  1. Install the SDFX CLI.

  2. Clone the repository: git clone

  3. Install npm modules: npm install

  4. Link the plugin: sfdx plugins:link .

Install as plugin

  1. Install plugin: sfdx plugins:install sfdx-oss-plugin

Create a Connected App

Simple example: sfdx waw:connectedapp:create -u <username|alias> -n <ConnectedAppName>

With a self-signed certificate: sfdx waw:connectedapp:create -u <username|alias> -n <ConnectedAppName> -r

Lots of options available:

-> sfdx waw:connectedapp:create --help
Usage: sfdx waw:connectedapp:create

Create a connected app in your org

 -c, --callbackurl CALLBACKURL       # callbackUrl (default is "sfdx://success")
 -r, --certificate                   # create and register a certificate
 -d, --description DESCRIPTION       # connected app description
 -n, --name NAME                     # connected app name
 -s, --scopes SCOPES                 # scopes separated by commas (defaut: Basic, Api, Web, Refresh; valid: Basic, Api, Web, Full, Chatter, CustomApplications, RefreshToken, OpenID, CustomPermissions, Wave, Eclair)
 -u, --targetusername TARGETUSERNAME # username or alias for the target org

List a Connected App

List a Connected App: sfdx waw:connectedapp:list -u <username|alias> -n <ConnectedAppName>

Display the details of the project

Display project: sfdx waw:project:display

Display package directories: sfdx waw:project:display -p

Set a default package directory

Set default package: sfdx waw:project:pdir:set -p <directory>

Create a package directory in the project file

Create: sfdx waw:project:pdir:create -p <directory>

Create as default: sfdx waw:project:pdir:create -p <directory> -d

Delete a package directory in the project file

Delete: sfdx waw:project:pdir:delete -p <directory>

Pull open source into your project

  1. Create a new workspace: sfdx force:workspace:create -n yourname

  2. Get open source: sfdx waw:source:oss -r WadeWegner/Strike-Components -p force-app/main/default/

Create a manifest file to add to your open source project

  1. Create a manifest: sfdx waw:source:create -p force-app/main/default/

List all trace flags

sfdx waw:trace:list sfdx waw:trace:list -u <targetusername>

Create a trace flag

sfdx waw:trace:create sfdx waw:trace:create -u <targetusername>

Delete the trace flag

sfdx waw:trace:delete sfdx waw:trace:delete -u <targetusername>

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