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sfacts - Scripted Facts

This library reads in table and topic data into tuples for use in SuperScript. It uses the LevelUp interface alongside MongoDown as a backing store.

sfacts supports ChatScript tables and topics.

Note: Before v1.0.0, sfacts used to write to the filesystem using LevelDB. It now writes to MongoDB, to facilitate scaling of SuperScript.


  • clean(dbName, callback)
  • create(dbName, clean, callback)
  • load(dbName, files, clean, callback)

The boolean parameter clean in the create and load methods wipes the existing database if it exists, before creating a new one.

Note: The methods pre-v1.0.0 db and expand are no longer available. The function signatures create and load have changed, and now are required to be called asynchronously (i.e. has a callback parameter).

The return value of create and load is an object:

  • conceptToList(term, [depth,] callback)
  • createUserDB(dbName)
  • createUserDBWithData(dbName, files, callback)
  • db
  • findParentConcepts(term, callback)
  • level
  • loadFiles(files, callback)

Note: The method pre-v1.0.0 loadFile is now named loadFiles. Its behavior is exactly the same.