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SalesForce Development Tool

This is a command line development tool that allows for the editing and saving of SalesForce source code or other metadata types such as objects, layouts and fields. This tool also allows Ember Applications to easily be built into VisualForce pages. It works under Windows, OS X, or Linux.


These are one time instructions for installing the tool.

  1. Install Node.js
  2. Run the following command
npm install -g sf-tool


Updating is simple just run the following command.

npm update -g sf-tool


All documentation is stored in the docs folder. The API reference can be found in the reference folder.

Example Usage

Create a SalesForce Tool Project

cd project_directory
sf init

Then sign in with your salesforce credentials. A refresh token is stored in the project settings so sign in is not required every time.

Access Command Help

sf help
sf help add-connection

Create New ApexClass

cd project_directory
sf create ApexClass ApexClassName

Retrieve Existing ApexClass From SalesForce for Editing

cd project_directory
sf add ApexClass ApexClassName

Save ApexClass Changes to SalesForce

cd project_directory
sf save ApexClass:ApexClassName

Delete ApexClass From Project and SalesForce

cd project_directory
sf delete ApexClass ApexClassName

Delete ApexClass From Project

cd project_directory
sf delete ApexClass ApexClassName --localOnly

Deploy to Production Instance

Add the production environment connection:

cd project_directory
sf add-connection production

Sign in with credentials, then deploy the changes

sf save ApexClass:ApexClassName --conn=production