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sexp -> array parser


A simple s-expression parser. Turns this:

(concat foo 1 (this and that "look here's a string"))

Into this:

[ 'concat',
  [ 'this', 'and', 'that', 'look here\'s a string' ] ]
$ npm install sexp
var sexp = require('sexp');
var ary = sexp("(foo bar 'string with spaces' 1 (2 3 4))")

Parse source and convert to an array of s-expressions.

Supported options:

  • translateString: callback used to process quoted values. Default: identity.
  • translateSymbol: callback used to process unquoted, non-numeric values. Default: identity.
  • translateNumber: callback used to process numeric values. Default: parseFloat.
  • Doesn't recognise escape sequences inside strings