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An assortment of useful service wrappers with uniform initialization and simplified client calls.

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The aim of this library is to provide some useful services with a standard initialization pattern for all services. Furthermore the key calls for using those APIs have been greatly simplified using defaults for most parameters.



Install via npm:

npm install servicekit --save


Use services by importing and initializing them with a config. All services follow the same initialization pattern.

var alchemy = require('servicekit/alchemy')(config);
alchemy.extract('text', function(err, result){
  if(err) {
    // handle it


The following services are presently in the kit:

  • Conversation (
  • Retrieve and Rank (
  • Alchemy (
  • Wit (
  • Bing Spell Check (
  • Tone Analyzer (
  • (

Configure Local Dev Environment

Step 1: Get the Code

First, you'll need to pull down the code from GitHub:

git clone

Step 2: Install Dependencies

Second, you'll need to install the project dependencies as well as the dev dependencies. To do this, simply run the following from the directory you created in step 1:

npm install

Step 3: Running Tests

With your local environment configured, running tests is as simple as:

npm test


servicekit uses the debug module to output debug messages to the console. To output all debug messages, run your node app with the DEBUG environment variable:

DEBUG=servicekit:* node your-app.js

This will output debugging messages from servicekit.


Apache 2.0