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Service names and ports (from

IANA service names and ports

Service names and ports (from

In Node.js

> var services = require('service-names')
> services.tcp[80]
{ name: 'www-http',
  description: 'World Wide Web HTTP' }
> services.tcp[22]
{ name: 'ssh',
  description: 'The Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol' }

In the Browser

<script src="service-names.js"></script>
    alert(services.tcp[80].name); // => 'www-http'

You can generate an up-to-date list of the protocols. Follow these steps:

git clone git://
cd node-service-names
npm install # for xml2js and request

This will run the included script get-list.js and redirect the output for you

npm install service-names

MIT Licensed