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    Serverless prune versions

    1. Overview
    2. Installation and setup
    3. Configuration

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    This plugin for the Serverless Framework removes old versions of AWS Lambda functions - important because if left to it's own devices each time the Serverless Framework is used to update your Lambda or Lambda Layer code in AWS it creates a new version. But if you aren't using the old versions then no harm, no foul - right? Unfortunately not, because for each and every version that's created AWS Lambda stores the source code used by that version for you, and there's a hard limit of only 75GB available per account for storage of this source code. By removing old versions this plugin keeps you from hitting this storage limit, letting you worry about features instead of account limits.

    Installation and setup

    Install the plugin as a dev dependency in your project:

    npm i serverless-prune-versions -D or yarn add serverless-prune-versions -D

    Add the plugin to the plugins block of your serverless.yml file:

      - serverless-prune-versions


    Because this plugin will delete deployed versions of your Lambda functions it is disabled by default and you must explicitly enable it.

    This plugin uses the following default configuration:

    Property Description Default value
    Automatic Boolean, should plugin run automatically post-deployment false
    Include Layers Boolean, should plugin remove Lambda Layer versions in addition to Lambda versions false
    Number Numeric, how many versions to retain 5

    All properties can be changed by overriding values in the custom block of your serverless.yml. In this example the plugin will automatically run after every deployment and will remove all Lambda and Lambda Layer versions except for the 3 most recent.

        automatic: true
        includeLayers: true
        number: 3

    This is the minimal configuration needed for the plugin to run automatically after every deployment - it will only remove Lambda versions (not Lambda Layer versions) and will retain the last 5 versions (since those defaults weren't overriden).

        automatic: true


    npm i serverless-prune-versions

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