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    Serverless plugin for creating a CI/CD pipeline that watches a GitHub repo.

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    Getting Started


    Make sure you have the following installed before starting:


    First install the package:

    npm install serverless-plugin-cicd --save

    Then add the plugin to your serverless.yml file:

      - serverless-plugin-cicd

    There are a number of parameters that you then can use:

        image: 'the aws codebuild image'
        branch: 'the git branch you want to watch'
        owner: 'the GitHub repository owner where your project can be found'
        repository: 'the GitHub repository where your project can be found'
        githubtoken: 'the GitHub OAuth token if this project is private'
          - '[name of a stage to exclude]'
          - '[another stage name to exclude]'

    Or you can also store some parameters per stage by using the following (let us know if more should be per-stage):

        branch: 'the git branch you want to watch for the stage called staging'
        branch: 'a different branch you want to watch for the stage called prod'

    Some details on these parameters

    Parameter Info Default More Information
    image (node) If the runtime is nodeJS aws/codebuild/nodejs:6.3.1 Lookup other image identifiers
    image (python) If the runtime is python aws/codebuild/python:3.5.2 Lookup other image identifiers
    image (other) If the runtime is something else aws/codebuild/ubuntu-base:14.04 Lookup other image identifiers
    branch The git branch CodePipeline monitors master More on how CodePipeline starts
    owner The owner of the GitHub repository blank Required as no default
    repository The GitHub repository CodePipeline monitors The name of your service More on how CodePipeline starts
    githubtoken The GitHub OAuth token for private repos blank How to get a token
    excludestages Stages you don't want CICD for blank Serverless stages


    The plugin will be packaged with the lambda when deployed as normal using Serverless:

    serverless deploy


    All support is conducted through GitHub issues. This is released basically "as is" but we will answer questions as we can.


    Please open a GitHub issue before contributing code changes.


    npm i serverless-plugin-cicd

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