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    Locally invoke Serverless functions via their HTTP event as specified in Serverless.yml.

    It makes it easy to test not only your handler logic, but also ensures that you have your http events setup properly in serverless.yml without deploying.

    Usage / Quick Start

    Use it in tests of Serverless functions to test your HTTP endpoints along with the handler code. For example, you can write the following to test a Serverless function:

    it('should invoke simple path', function () {
      let response = invoker.invoke('GET api/hello')
      return expect(response)'statusCode', 200)

    The test above is a test of a Serverless function defined in a Serverless.yml as follows:

        handler: handler.hello
          - http:
              path: api/hello
              method: get

    Some of the more common use cases are demonstrated in the basic tests at the basic test cases. An exhaustive list of what is supported in Some of the more common use cases are demonstrated in the basic tests at the comprehensive test cases.

    Prerequisites / Usage Requirements

    Requires Node.js latest, LTS, and v10 (tested).

    If you need Node.js v6.x - v9.x support you can use serverless-http-invoker@0.8.6.

    Requires Serverless Framework v1.x. If you are new to the Serverless Framework, check out the Serverless Framework Getting Started Guide.


    npm (npm install serverless-http-invoker --save-dev) or yarn (yarn add serverless-http-invoker --dev)


    • Simple to reference your handler
    • Tests the serverless route is configured in serverless.yml as well as your handler code
    • Test Framework agnostic (mocha, jest, etc.)

    Contributing 🤝

    This is a community project. We invite your participation through issues and pull requests! You can peruse the contributing guidelines.

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    Release Process (Deploying to NPM)

    We use semantic-release to consistently release semver-compatible versions. This project deploys to multiple npm distribution tags. Each of the below branches correspond to the following npm distribution tags:

    branch npm distribution tag
    main latest
    beta beta

    To trigger a release use a Conventional Commit following Angular Commit Message Conventions on one of the above branches.

    License 📝

    Copyright © 2017 Scott Willeke.

    This project is MIT licensed.


    npm i serverless-http-invoker

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