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    Serverless Dynamo Stream Plugin

    Creates and connects DynamoDB streams for pre-existing tables with AWS Lambdas using Serverless.


    Serverless provides the ability to connect your DynamoDB stream with your Lambda out of the box if the Dynamo table is created by Serverless itself, and not only that, if you are trying to do it directly with just serverless, the Dynamo DB table cannot be pre-existing, it will throw an error.

    That being said, if you use Terraform, Ansible or any other tool to create your resources outside of Serverless, there is no way to connect your Lambda managed by Serverless with the pre-existing DynamoDB table using a stream.

    This plugin solves this problem.


    Install the plugin

    Using your favorite package manager, simply install the package into your project.

    yarn install serverless-dynamo-stream-plugin


    npm install serverless-dynamo-stream-plugin

    Add to serverless.yml

    Add the plugin to the plugins section in serverless.yml file.

      - serverless-dynamo-stream-plugin


    existingDynamoStream event

    The plugin adds a new type of event for your Dynamo tables called existingDynamoStream. This event accepts the table name and some other parameters (more optional parameters to come in the future). Here is how you can configure your tankHandler Lambda to connect to Battle DynamoDB table stream.

      handler: handlers/dynamo-streams/tankHandler.process
            tableName: Battle
            streamType: NEW_IMAGE
            startingPosition: LATEST


    There are two ways to run the plugin.

    1. sls deploy

    The plugin runs automatically after the deploy phase. If you deploy your Serverless infrastructure using the sls deploy command, the plugin starts running automatically once the deploy is finished.

    1. sls dynamo-stream

    In case you would like to run the plugin on demand, there is a separate command for it called dynamo-stream. Running sls dynamo-stream will not run the deploy and it will only try to connect the lambdas to your DynamoDB streams. Please note that the plugin relies on having a successful serverless deploy first. Meaning that before running your dynamo-stream command, you'll need to make sure all lambdas are already deployed by Serverless.


    Initially developed at Commandeer and now Open Sourced for everyone to use.


    npm i serverless-dynamo-stream-plugin

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