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    Simply a wrapper which allows starting the web server of your choice. Either a node http server, php server or python server.

    No library is contained. As such there's no need to ever install this lib locally. You should only install globally.

    Getting Started

    Install globally using Npm or Yarn.

    yarn global add servani


    npm install servani -g

    Serving a Directory

    Servani handles three global options/arguments. The host, port and mount or path to serve. All other options are passed to the underlying command.

    Serving the current directory with Node


    With Python or PHP

    servani php
    servani py3

    Setting Host, Port and Directory

    There are three global options or arguments if you will. That being the host address the port and the directory to be served.

    The one caveat being that with python 2.7.x ONLY the current directory can be served.

    Primary Options

    Property Type Description Default
    --host, -h, -a String The host to bind
    --port, -p Number The port to use with host 5000
    --help, -h Boolean Results in showing help
    --version, -v Boolean Shows all versions

    If process.env.HOST or process.env.PORT is present the will override above defaults.


    It's important to note that the Node server or http-server has considerably more configuration objects. When running PHP or Python servers there's not much configuration beyonnd the host and port. However if this changes or there's somethign we've missed all arguments you've provided will be passed along to those commands and should work as expected.

    servani /path/to/serve -h -p 8080 --cors=* --gzip -d
    servani php /path/to/serve -h -p 8080
    servani py3 /path/to/serve -h -p 8080

    Viewing All Options

    The above primary options are used globally and passed to underlying commands. To view all options and help run:

    servany -h

    PHP & Python

    For PHP, Servani will always provide the following arguments/options hence there is no need for you to include them.


    For Python it is similar. Servani will always provide the following arguments/options. Again there is no need for you to include them in your command.

    For Python 2.7.x

    -m SimpleHTTPServer PORT

    For Python 3.x.x

    -m http.server --cgi --bind HOST --directory /path/to/serve PORT


    npm i servani

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