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    Serpentity Shared Objects

    Pre-made systems, nodes and components using serpentity to ease development with serpentity by providing commonly needed objects.


    1. Install with npm
    npm install serpentity-contrib
    1. Include in your project (assuming you're loading from the root, but this may vary in your project.)
    <script src="/node_modules/serpentity-contrib/serpentity-contrib.js"></script>
    1. Include specific objects as you require them.
    <script src="/node_modules/serpentity-contrib/components/position.js"></script>

    What's Included?


    Components for Games

    • Bounds: Provides w and h to define an object that has bounds.
    • Collider: A simple box collider that has a type and a box, used to handle collider geometry independent from the other properties.
    • Motion: Provides properties for motion using acceleration and velocity.
    • Polygons: An array of polygons that can be rendered for a simple polygon renderer.
    • Position: Provides x and y to define an object that has a position.
    • Weight: Provides weight to define an object that has a weight.

    Other Components

    These components may be used for other types of demos.

    • Analyser: intended to include an audio analyser.
    • Configuration: a generic configuration holder.


    Note: If you need variations on these nodes, you can create a new one by extending an object with the node you want to target.

    Nodes for Games

    • Collider: Position + Motion + Collider
    • Gravity: Position + Motion + Weight
    • Movement: Bounds + Position + Motion
    • PolygonRender: Position + Bounds + Polygons

    Other Nodes

    • Analyser: Analyser
    • Configurable: Configuration
    • ConfigurableAnalyser: Configuration + Analyser


    Systems for Games

    • Acceleration: changes velocity based on acceleration
    • Gravity: changes y acceleration if object has weight
    • Motion: Changes position based on velocity. Has very simple bounds checking, and must be instantiated with a bounds object that has an x and y property.
    Phaser Renderers

    These renderers expect a game object, which is an instance of Phaser.Game, and a resolution object which contains w and h properties, in roder to properly render.

    • PhaserColliderRenderer: renders colliders.
    • PhaserPolygonRenderer: renders polygons, applying defaults where possible.

    Other Systems

    • FrequencyLogger: An example on how to use the analyser node to obtain data.


    Helper factories to generate some prefab entities.

    • AudioFactory: has a createMicAnalyser method that receives a serpentity engine and a callback that is called with the entity. This factory method initiates user media and creates an entity with an analyser node.




    npm i serpentity-contrib

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