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ender add form-serializer

var serializeForm = require('form-serializer').serializeFormObject
  , toNativeTypes = true
  , obj

obj = serializeForm('form#save-data', toNativeTypes);
// `true` means "try to convert to native types"
// Supported Types: Numbers, Boolean, and null



Okay, so serialize is a terrible prefix. jQuery talked fancy to me. I got confused!

serializeing a form, in this case, means to go from DoM to JavaScript, not from Object to Text.

An optional second parameter will cause the values to be typecasted. Supported Types: Numbers, Boolean, and null.

  • serializeFormObject

    • does not allow duplicate keys - [name=foobar]

    • does turn [name="waldo[]"] into an array

              "foobar": "baz"
            , "grault": "garply"
            , "waldo": ["qux", "quux"]
  • serializeFormArray

    • true representation of the form

                  "name": "foobar"
                , "value": "baz"
            , {
                  "name": "waldo[]"
                , "value": "qux"


Copyright AJ ONeal 2011

This project is available under the MIT and Apache v2 licenses.