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Example git project that is used for typescript libraries as a starter pack

What does it include:

1. exported class as example for an npm moudle
2. packaging for npm modules (webpack + tslint + awesome-typescript-loader + dts-bundle)
3. testings for npm modules (jest)
4. code coverage (jest) when running tests
5. Typescript => ES5
6. Two versions embed in the package, one for node, one for browser (browserify)


Please note that you will need to rename the library name in some files:

1. webpack.config.js (bundle_opts)
2. package.json (ofcourse ;))

Also don't forget to reset package version ;)

Useful commands:

npm run prebuild       - install NPM dependancies
npm run build          - build the library files
npm run test           - run the tests
npm run test:watch     - run the tests (watch-mode)
npm run coverage       - run the tests with coverage
npm run coverage:watch - run the tests with coverage (watch-mode)
npm run pack           - build the library, make sure the tests passes, and then pack the library (creates .tgz)
npm run release        - prepare package for next release

Files explained:

1. src - directory is used for typescript code that is part of the project
    1a. src/Example.ts - Just an example exported library, used to should import in tests.
    1b. src/Example.spec.ts - tests for the example class
    1c. src/index.ts        - index, which functionality is exported from the library
3. package.json                 - file is used to describe the library
4. tsconfig.json                - configuration file for the library compilation
6. tslint.json                  - configuration file for the linter (both test and library)
8. webpack.config.js            - configuration file of the compilation automation process for the library

Output files explained:

1. node_modules                       - directory npm creates with all the dependencies of the module (result of npm install)
2. dist                               - directory contains the compiled library (javascript + typings)
3. <module_name>-<module_version>.tgz - final tgz file for publish. (result of npm run pack)
4. coverage                           - code coverage report output made by istanbul


There are two modules Accounting, and demande


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