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The serb command-line utility will serve the current working directory over HTTP, much like python's SimpleHTTPServer.

It is, however, a lot more powerful and a lot more flexible.


npm install -g serb

basic usage

~$ serb [root]

That's it. Your cwd or root is at localhost:8000.

advanced usage

serb [options]

  -h, --help     Display this message and exit                [boolean]  [default: false]
  -p, --port     Port to bind to                              [default: 8000]
  -a, --address  IP address to bind to                        [default: ""]
  -i, --index    Automatically redirect to index.html         [boolean]  [default: true]
  -d, --dirs     Show directory listings                      [boolean]  [default: false]
  -e, --ext      Assume given extension for URLs lacking one  [default: false]
  -H, --header   Set a "name:value" header (repeatable)